The Journey Begins Catches O’s Eyes

Midway through the neatly stacked documents and paperwork on my “in tray” which had accumulated on my desk due to the extended weekend of “Father’s Day”, a folder with an all too familiar “post-it stick on” stuck on its upper right hand corner caught my eye. Scribbled on the piece of stick on was “Little Girl”. Written on the side tab of the folder were the code “SWMTK” (Search for the World’s Most Talented Kid) and the name Charice Pempengco. As I opened the folder I picked up the phone and asked my secretary to get me Lisa, who was in charge of the “SWMTK” project. Review of Charice's breakthrough single, "Note To God".........

At 17, Charice's seasoned voice should secure her a spot among the greats. "Note to God" is the embodiment of a power ballad, and Charice tackles the vocally acrobatic song delivered in a similar spirit to contemporary songs recorded by Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. The Filipino Internet sensation (full name Charice Pempengco) has been seen by millions and in May her first single debuted on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" as part of the "Most Talented Kids" program. The teen has shared a stage with Celine Dion and toured with David Foster, a longtime supporter of Charice and producer of the single. Legendary songwriter Diane Warren penned "Note to God," leaving Charice with a wide open palette of emotion to build upon with a gospel choir and her own spiritual essence. Charice's full album is due in the fall. -Michael Menachem

-I'm so proud of you Charice and most of all, I'm so proud to be a "FILIPINO"! Mabuhay ka, Charice!



WOW she is really amazing girl...GOD bless her so much , can't wait for ur album charice, GBU

To Charice

i commend you on your great accomplishment! good job and keep it up! you have my support! keep up the good music soon to come!