Upcoming birthday?

May 10th is Charice's birthday... hmmmm... what to do? what to do?


This young woman is amazing she will be a great role model for my little gurl i hope she sees this thank you so much for making your dreams come true it will be inspiration for lots of young women

Finger rings are also one of the most important pieces of bridal jewelry

The occasion of marriage is a special one for any person. In India, it is considered a highly sacred bond. An Indian woman regards the day of her marriage as the most important day in her life. To make this special day perfect, preparations go on for months on end in Indian households. Jewelry plays a very important role in Indian links of london weddings. An Indian bride is usually decked up from head to toe in beautiful jewelry that complements her attire and her personality.

Typically, an Indian bride uses the following ornaments:

Maangtika or tiara: The tiara, called the Maangtika in Hindi, is used to adorn the centre forehead parting of the bride. Maangtikas are now available in different styles and colors. Usually, for bridal wear, a Maangtika with a decorative centre piece is preferred, with a long string. In the modern times, tiaras in the form of crowns are also being used.

Gemstone jewelry is often used to symbolize

Unique handmade jewelry ranks right up there as one of the wonders of modern day. In fact custom jewelry takes the heart of yesterday and makes it the beauty and wondrous grace of today's beaded jewelry.

Some of the most amazing necklaces, bracelets, earrings worn by today's top names are actually handmade beaded jewelry crafted from the naturally formed stone and elements that have been present on the earth for centuries. It is this tie with nature, with a greater power, that makes handmade jewelry so attractive to so many people.

Gemstone jewelry is often used to symbolize or signify specific qualities the wearer hopes to enhance and accent. Handmade jewelry - perhaps a ruby - accenting a cross may signify the blood of Christ, the sacrifice, while jewelry containing turquoise may symbolize the traditional association of being at one with the sky, or freedom.

World famous top wedding dress designer’s Introduction (1)

Wedding dress is every woman’s most beloved of clothing in their lives, which symbolizes love, the eternal witness of love. When the roots of growing old, recalling the days flow marks, a marriage, the wedding will allow all the people remember that year, youth and beauty. Moreover, China’s economic development is very fast lead to the increase of the level of consumption, each has a new ability to have a wedding dress of their own to become the eternal memory of marriage. Today, l will tell the brides about the famous wedding dress designer’s top design style and design.