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I have been waiting for this day and the day you release your debut album. I'm so happy for you and your family. Happy 18th birthday and may your hard work take you to the top. Sincerely yours, Rey-aka krazyforyou.

Charice in Italy!!!

You're the best singer i've ever heard here in Italy! I'm so proud of you!!! May God bestow upon you more blessings and success like a PYRAMID!!!

Happy Birthday Charice!

I hope you have an awesome 18th! If I knew you well enough I'd say "Hey! your legal!" I'm sure you probably got that from some of your friends though :p. Well, I hope you have an awesome day today and I can't wait for your album to come out!

Happy Birthday!

Hi charice ..

I hope you can read this. I will create a fan team for you, it's called "CHAR-ming Fans". just search it in facebook. I hope you will like it. You are so talented and charming. You are my idol and my inspiration. I will not give up for and I will do my best to achieve my dream. I really want to be like you Charice. You are the one who give me hope and strength. Can we be friends? Please contact me at 09391398506 as a reply to my question. I will wait or you. By the way I am Asminah... more power to you Charice. God Bless, take care aLways =D <3 ....!!!

Who loves Pyramid?

Whoever like pyramid please reply to this blog