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A new word to describe Charice

Hi fellow Chasters. Here's a new word to describe everything that Charice is.


Well, what do you guys think?


Jason (Emanicon)

Dear: Dairy....just kidding lol.

Um let me see, where do I start? My name is Jason H. I'm from
Ontario, Canada. Just recently I found out about this page and decided to join. So, here I am. To be quite honest, I came across Charice's website by accident. I was trying to figure out how tall she was. I remember on Oprah; She mentioned that David Foster calls Charice, "The little one". So, I was wondering how tall she was? I googled and eventually came across this webpage. It's really nice, so like I said before, i decided to join. The very first time I saw Charice perform was on YouTube. This was back in November 2007. On YouTube, She was singing on this Talent Show called, Star King. And She was singing, " And I Am Telling You". Her performance was Awesome! I watched it at least a dozen times! lol.

P.s. By the way, does anyone know how tall she is?
Charice, if you read this blog. How tall are you? lol.
Me? I'm 6 feet & 0.4 inches tall lol.

Just another blog about Charice from Germany

Listening to Charice´s music after a long tiring day has become my hobby. I´ve decided to make my own blog about her.

English translations after each article.


Ok same topic as i said. I AM NEW. OK back to the point. If any of you wants to be my friend its cool. :)

A thankful heart is a golden heart

I hope that Charice do not forget to thank Ellen Degeneres publicly(as she did with David Foster and Oprah). Ellen is the first person to see her potential through Utube and gave her first exposure. Also it will be nice for Charice have another guesting at Ellen's show as a sign of respect and appreciation of Ellen.... Keep up the good work... God bLess you & your family