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1st blog


Charice Acts from Strength!

Just before Oprah’s show featuring Charice’s debut single Note to God, I called my sisters to watch. I sensed one of them was indifferent to the idea and this was confirmed when I called back after the show to find out what they thought of Charice. I sensed this particular sister had grown impatient with the thought that her almost 65 year old sibling had gone bonkers over some teenage singer!

I was surprised at the firm tone of voice with which I responded: “She is a good kid! I am crazy about her because of her way of being - her humanity! The fact that she can sing helps, but it’s secondary to me!”

So I’m resurrecting something I wrote last year (originally posted on a blog site I created but since neglected because life does need to be lived!). For those who have read it, I ask for your patience. For those who have not, here you go!