Brainstorm Idears for Future Charice Music Videos

Just throwing some random thoughts:

Charice singing in her car.
Show her singing onstage on a high school singing contest. People rooting for her.
Show her walking barefoot at the beach by herself.
Show her apart from the crowd. Left out.
Show her in different lighting, daylight, nightlight…dramatic lighting.
Casually dressed jeans/tee.
Nerdy dress with thick rimmed glasses. Juxtapose this with
her all dolled up and dressed up.
Show her fixing her hair or make up in front of the bathroom mirror.
Show her having coffee with friends in a café.
Show some guy love interest of hers.
Her hanging out with girlfriends, laughing.
Some funny moments that shows her personality.
Throw in some more interesting wardrobe in there…
Close up of-
Some laughing moments.
Some crying moments.
Some thoughtful moments.
Show some signature Charice facial expression we all love.