I Did It For You


I Did It For You


No war can destroy us
No news gonna bring us down
No recession gonna break us
Because by love we're bound

No lies can infect us
No fools can tear us apart

CHORUS: Is this for me, for me to keep?
I am for you in love so deep
This is for you, for you to keep
Are you for me in love so deep?
So in love…I'm so in love
I'm so in love…In love so deep

No walls can divide us
No river's gonna run between
Nobody's gonna sway us
No evil's gonna change our dream

This ring is a circle
Unbroken that never ever ends


BRIDGE: How did I find you in this world so wide?
You're the first one who's touched me so deep inside
Baby, deep as a sky and deep as a kiss
I never imagined as deep as this

CHORUS #3: Is this for me, for me to keep?
I am for you in love so deep
Watch over me while I'm asleep
I am for you in love so deep
So in love…I'm so in love
I'm so in love…In love so deep


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nice song.. :)

nice song.. :)


hi blnsgrr,, here check the lyrics of I DID IT FOR YOU here http://board.charicemusic.com/index.php?/topic/94-i-did-it-for-you/ ,,, thanks


Heys guys can i have lyrics of "I DID IT FOR YOU''the one posted is for in love so deep lyrics

It's definitely In Love So

It's definitely In Love So Deep


I think this is the lyrics for IN LOVE SO DEEP