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charice....... what is ur email address!

ur so beautiful!

charice i really wish i could have duet with u...
its like i really am going to cry....charice im a filipino...

go charice! you are so cute here! sikat na sikat ka na! more power! :D

tags: charice

hi charice i'm also a filipina , i love to sing your single pyramid , i always sing it , even in the shower i sing it .. sana makita kita in personal ..

hi charice.... filipina din akoh tulad muh.......... and na inspired akoh kumata dahil sau... tnx..

Looking forward to the rest. Love this song, her music makes me sooo happy. I can't wait for The Listening to come out! (:

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love this pic so fashionable

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enjoy... :)

You really look like a pop princess here. It highlights all your nice features. Your make up artist, stylist and photographer did a terrific job.

I really love this shot of Charice in a top hat! Love that costume. It has an old feel to it to Charlie Chaplin. Her eye makeup here reminds me of Janet Jackson.