Charice live at the Canal Room in NYC

Charice live at the Canal Room in NYC. Photo by Ryan Muir at Metromix


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Charice. Que sua estrela brilhe a cada dia mais. Sua musica, sua voz, é uma chama que incendeia nossas almas. Voce é esplendida. Linda. Completa.
Charice. May your star shine more each day. Her music, her voice is a flame that burns Our soul. You're splendid. Very beautiful. Complete.

amazing, makes me feel as if im in another world, keep it up! :)

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i like your voice very much from the start, the way you smile and your very friendly. "I love Charice" and happy happy 18th birth day may you have many many more birth days to come..... "God Bless You Charice" keep up the good work.

your so amazing

i like the smile....!!!! she's so beautiful...