David Foster & Charice

This is the day Charice and David Foster met for the first time.


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You both wonderful, Use your GIFTS, to make people happy. Thanks for the voice that gets thru not only in our hears but also in our heart.

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Thank you David Foster.

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A picture of hardwork and dedication. I admire both of you Cha and David. I wish for more great music from you.

Thank you so much Mr. David Foster for giving this girl the opportunity ...She has great voice! I'm loving the album (playing over and over) looking forward for more...God Blessings.

Love the new Album it kicks butt and you are a gift. You are a true Instrument of Nature, a comet soaring through the heavens pass the stars and right into your own Galaxy. With David you will make history.

I just bought my first Charice album from Target. Its an amazing feat that you have achieved in such a tender age! Truly, you are a gift from God for your country and for the world!

another great music issue! I wish I didn't have to wait from so much longer to get your album because I live i the US!!! Ahh

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I am definitely confident that Charice will make a mark in the music industry. David will not fail! Best wishes Cha & David!

Oh I thought this was taken lately. Wow, it's nice to see history in the making. I love the way David looks at Charice, looks so passionate. Pefect combi!

Yes, she has and she's awesome. I used to check updates on her every night when I get home from work....

you have a voice ............i listen you every day.

oh I thought it was today's recording session, but around May 2008. Thanks for sharing!

chaaa...hehe...wow...goodluck..we missed you!!


It's wonderful to have a record of this historic moment. Little did either of you know what would come of this collaboration.

It's providential that you two should meet. Together you can make many wonderful songs which the world needs today. Note to God is totally awesome!