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Video games, horror movies, drawing, playing with my dog, swimming, online studying
Favorite Bands: 
Celine, Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, David Foster, Andrea Bocelli
Favorite Movies: 
Wedding Singer, Esther, Harry Potter, Toy Story
Favorite Places: 
The Philippines! Computer game stores, toy stores, New York hot dog stand, Pinkberry
Favorite Quotes: 
Don't give up! Pinch your puppy.


thanks for the great day!

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Hi Charice! I was u for Halloween!

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Hi Charice! Just wana say that you're a pride of the Asians and the Christians :) Keep your good work up!

ate Charice, youre so great talaga! if ever na mabasa mo po ito, ibang level na po talaga ang galing mo! karapat-dapat ka po talaga na maging part ng music history! you really rock my world! sana ma-meet kita in person! tsaka po sana hindi ka magsawa na basahin ang mga comments ng mga die hard fans mo dito...if you feel blue, just read them and im sure you'll be happy and youll be more, more, and more confident!

Oh, Hi ate Charice! You are so awesome, you are an epic! i want to be like you, too!
i hope someday we can be friends (echos... :D).

Charice !!
Where is house you ??
I'm curious.

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After all the crappy artists nowadays, I'm so glad Charice is here. I hope you still keep your innocence and never let stardom get to your head. I hope to grow up to have a beautiful voice like yours. :) Maybe you can help me?

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I love u Charice! Your my idol!

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dai! musta? hows life? dai pwedi mag tanung? "IF" mababasa mo i-to. can you send a little details kung ano ang nang yari kay sunshine on glee after she lift? ..."I ? U :)... NO no no noway, darling there's no way, your living with out God, God bless you dai miss your adventures na!!!...WOW Philippines!!! noy-ping noy-p. UR Fan n Cebu henry

Hey Charice Im from Germany ... may tanong ako sayo, pwede ka ba mag concert dito sa Germany?? kasi ang pangarap ko is ma meet ka nang person, pero alam kong maraming tao talagang gusto kang ma meet . Kaya sa aking okey na yun basta napa ringgan ko ang amazing na boses mo nang live ^-^ (proud na proud na ako nun)
sorry ha ang tagalog ko rusty
Ikau ang insperation ko !!! pag nakanta ka feel na feel mo talaga !! tapus kahit gaano ka na ka-sikat hinde ka naging hambog !! para sa akin walang masma galing kumanta sa iyo !!!
Love you so much


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Oprah is coming to Australia in December. It will be so good if you will came with her and performed at her show at the best place in the world the Sydney Opera House. Please come Charice. I love your music.

i hope this mailing list really, really works because I don't want to miss your next Chicago appearance :D stay radiant, Charice!

sup Chary

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hi charisse! would love to be your stylist,i know will be difficult for this to be possible since you have the best team already,just aspiring to become a part of your team,haha

anyway,great job! proud to be pinay :)

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Hi Charice! When is your next concert in Canada?

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I would love to meet you, Charice!

Your Webiste Looks Amazing By The Way:)

Your new web site looks great!

This new site looks FANTASTIC! Can't wait to hear new updates from you, sweety! Love you!

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Love the new site though. :)

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Charice, I love you and all but, uhmm....Country: "USA"? That was kinda hard to swallow....