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About Me

Favorite Bands
Celine, Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, David Foster, Andrea Bocelli
Favorite Movies
Wedding Singer, Esther, Harry Potter, Toy Story
Favorite Places
The Philippines! Computer game stores, toy stores, New York hot dog stand, Pinkberry
Favorite Quotes
Don't give up! Pinch your puppy.
Video games, horror movies, drawing, playing with my dog, swimming, online studying


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Comments (70)

  • (1 week ago)

    hey charice. I'm sad because i cant watch your concert @ Tennis Indoor Senayan..My parents said : Next time...and hope i'll meet you someday,somewhere...maybe not in indonesia :)

  • (2 weeks ago)

    hola charice te mando este mensaje desde mexico y espero que algun dia te animes a cantar aqui en mexico, la verdad es lo que deseamos en mexico

  • (20120126T132941Z )

    Hi charice. I'm Indonesian Chasters. I got proud of you until now. I got happy when i saw,you've confirmed your concert in Jakarta. Wish i can meet you there,and sing with you,,hahaha,,:) Godbless

  • Ebafairy says
    (20120118T082103Z )

    Hi Charice,its my first time to this site and thanks for accepting.I like you so much...youre super the best...I'm proud of you..I live in Tokyo with my family.wish to watch youre concert in Tokyo someday.thanks...

  • (20111226T054855Z )

    CHARICE I love you so much!...
    I like your song is “Lesson For Life”
    good job!.. :D

  • MiMAY says
    (20111212T162629Z )

    :) i want tu watch ur concert soon irr in pinas !! sana magkita na tau :) hope dn na sana pg nagkta tau mging cLose tau :> super idoL tLga kta :) ur one of my inspiration .. kip up d gud work :) godbLess :>

  • (20111128T123217Z )

    first tym in this site..
    i dont know if i am the youngest here..
    i am only 13 lang kasi..
    pero i am proud to be a CHASTER..
    pinagmamalaki ko na pinoy aq..
    dahil sayo ate charice..
    godbless! always take care!
    i love so much!
    wish to see you in person! ur my inspiration!

  • (20111116T004019Z )

    I love youu and ur songg!!!

  • dennis says
    (20111113T083035Z )

    Hi Charice, I must say I have been following your career since Ellen, I wish you would go back again and sing with Greyson Chance. That would be awsome. Charice I am 61 yrs old and I love you like you are my granddaughter. hehe, you make me so proud to see you sing and perform. You are Amazing. You took my breath away, I have all of your albums , downloaded all of your music and have bought tme movies you where in. And anything you do I copy to file. I guess you can say I'm Chaddicted to you. LOLOL. Pls take care of your health for me, with all the traveling you do will wear you down honey and you don't want to be sick. Well Precious I love you so much, "You're All I Need to Survive" !!!!

  • MrJual111 says
    (20111002T135404Z )

    Hi Charice, First time on your site. I've been a fan for only the last 3 weeks. I was there at DFF Las Vegas last night (oct 1,2011) and you were great. Needed to hear your amazing voice live for the first time. You are the bomb! Just so you know, I bought your "Charice Album", All the Glee singles, X'mas album & 1 single and my favorite work out album: Pyramid Club mix! I love techno, but you made me fall in love with your ballad music. Can't wait for the Infinity album. Ang galing mo talaga, bilib ako sa 'yo! Please, please, please ingatan mo ang boses mo at iyong sarili, ok. I'm a big fan for life! Take care now. BTW: I hope to see your solo concert somewhere in LA, I only heard you sing 4 songs last night, bitin ako! I needed to hear more. haha. Take care my dear, always be $mart and believe in yourself as we believe in you.