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About Me

A simple girl who loves music. I like to see different places that is why i kind of enjoy my work as a seafarer. I also like meeting new friends , so i hope that here i can gain new friends that shares the admiration i have for Charice's talent and success. Her achievements inspires us to stand proud as Pinoys. She is really a big help especially for us who are working overseas. So more power to you Charice!
Mary-An Valenzuela
Quezon City
Favorite Bands
Side A Band
Favorite Movies
A Walk To Remember, Twilight Series, Harry Potter series, Julia Robert's films
Favorite Places
Cape Town South Africa, Algeciras Spain, Hongkong and of course Philippines!!!
Favorite Quotes
"Don't do to others what you don't want them do unto you" ( Did i say that correctly? :) )
Favorite Concert
Have watched few local artists concerts, no favorites though. But if i would be asked whose concert i want badly to watch ,of course it would be of Charice. During my vacation , i havent had the chance to watch any of Charice's events except those shown in TV. And i was so sad to know that she would be coming back home , bringing David and Friends concert here on October 23, and i'm about to leave on the 4th of October, huhuhu :( . I hope one day I would be able to watch her perform live in a concert. It would be a dream come true.

oh and i have to add , it is also a dream to see a Lady Gaga concert :)
FACEBOOK games and too many to mention them all! I like reading Harry Potter, i collect them. I like watching movies at home or in cinema with my sister.


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