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Official Chaster from NYC. I grew up listening to all types of music. But due to the lack of talent out there I actually stopped listening to most main steam music and kept with my oldies. That is...until I heard Charice sing most of my favorite songs. She didn't just bring them back to life. She made them more powerful and entertaining then ever. As of right now the only 2 artists that I can say I'm a die hard fan of are Eminem and Charice. Their talent is right on par with the enthusiasm they put into their songs & performances. They both put their heart and soul out there when they're on stage and always give 120% or more. Eminem already sealed his spot at the top of his game and now it's Charice's turn to dominate the music industry. Even though she is amazingly talented and has a stage presence that as of right now I feel is unmatched, there are still many people who haven't even heard of her. Let's help spread the word and give her the recognition she deserves world wide~!! =)
United States
New York
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Soon to be David Foster & Friends in Vegas this November~!!
Being a Chaster~!


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    6 days ago
    If anyone missed Charice's live performance @ KLUC's End Of Summer Block Party you can watch it here. =)...
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    6 days ago
    If anyone missed Charice's live performance @ KLUC's End Of Summer Block Party on August 23rd feel free to watch it...
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    Watch video's from the Life Savers Gummies event in NYC here.
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    If i gain entry i will take as many pics and video's as possible for you guys~! Wish me luck~! lol

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