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All That I Need To Survive

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All That I Need To Survive


"All That I Need To Survive"
(Carole Bayer Sager/Jorgen Elofsson)

I look out my window
And wonder where you are
And if you are safe out there
Somewhere in the dark
Time has no meaning
To this broken heart thats mine

I see your face
Wherever I go
I hear your voice
I want you to know

I feel your arms when I´m lonely
I make believe
That you are still here
With me ,it´s all I need
I feel your heart
As if is was beating with mine
When you´re in my world
I am alive
You´re all that I need to survive

I´ve got this friend who says
It´s time I let you go
The way that you loved me
No one else could ever know
You where the best
That ever happend
To my heart, to my soul

And if , I mean when
When I see you again
It will be just the same as it was
And if , I mean when
We´re together again
Our souls reunited as one
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