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Nobody's Singin' To Me

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Nobody's Singin' To Me


everytime you go i’m in the shadows
every day you know the pain inside grows
without you i lose the way
fall apart - go insane
used to be i’d hide inside the tv
lately that’s not really working for me
noone with anything to say
not to me
not to me

on and on and on the days drone...i need a song

what to do tell me what i gotta do
I can’t sustain now the way i’m missing you
so i turn the radio up
looking for a melody
but nobody’s singing to me
it’s a blur don’t remember what i heard
you said goodbye now i don’t know where to turn
so i turn the radio up
thinking i’m gonna find relief
but baby nobody’s singing to me

every night i’m just a victim of the silence
nothing there to help i tell you love is violence
hurts more and more with each day
if you’re asking me the price is paid
used to be that i could call on my DJ
tell him what it is that he could play play play
play those words i wanna sing along
make me feel ...nothing’s wrong

on and on and on the days drone...i need a song


one word
to take away this hurt
waiting for one dream
to bring you back to me
i need a song

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