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RESET (A. Nierow, P. Habib, J. Joergensen)

My pulse is gettin’ fast, my heart is gonna crash … hey I got somethin’ to say to you
We’ve been on overdrive, maybe we should take some time …… apart

I’m always on the road, I’m puttin’ on a show … I know you really try to keep up with me
Baby we’re compatible, but you must be sick of all the bull … I pull … on you

Now … I’m havin’ second thoughts about us … I think I like it like it was
I know I shut the system down … but now I wanna bring it back up

We need a reset … don’t wanna regret … not makin’ up with you
You and I fadin’ from the screen … can we prevent a freeze?
We’re losin’ power … and we’re spinnin’ down … suddenly back up … dedicated now
We crashed … but we can turn it around … (we’re runnin’ … runnin’) … after a reset

Start it up again … start it up

I’m tired of the nights without you by my side … we only seem to text and email
So you come on the road, maybe we don’t have to fall …… apart

It’s workin’ for awhile, but I see through your smile … this isn’t the life you signed up for
You tell me it’ll be okay as you board a different plane back … to where … you were

Now … are you havin’ second thoughts about us? … I know that I’m still in love
I know you shut the system down … but don’t you wanna bring it back up?


At some point I gotta slow me down … somehow … I hope that you can wait
And we’ll be together at the same time, same place … finally goin’ at the same pace
I promise you … we’re gonna fill the space between us


Don’t wanna fall …
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Comments (9)

  • (20110704T173504Z )


  • japhzinn says
    (20110530T044654Z )

    "RESET" =I guess many of the young couples now, or even the married ones, could really relate to this song. And that`s what GENUINE GIFTED PEOPLE do, touch people`s lives for the better.
    Always been grateful to CHARICE and her TEAM.
    Just keep on trailing the right track.

  • Mjrianka says
    (20110525T175829Z )

    U really rock girl!!! Love your voice and also your music! U seem to be very humble unless u stand on stage - it sort of reminds me of MJ because u are also magic when u sing.
    Much love from Denmark

  • Divino says
    (20110508T172529Z )

    very nice song i feel the song

  • nino says
    (20110410T152323Z )

    next my favourite song, touching my soul............

  • RambsYneza says
    (20110402T141039Z )

    .' nIcE '.

  • Koroi says
    (20110313T135550Z )

    amazin song :)

  • jvega52 says
    (20110206T030241Z )

    Great song. Love the part in Tagalog. This songs is filled with energy.

  • (20101128T002847Z )

    this is my favourite song!

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