Message from Charice: My Album Comes Out May 11th!

I'm so excited to unveil my first album cover! The album comes out May 11th and I can't wait for you all to hear it. Finally!!! : )


Charice's New Album In Stores May 11th



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waiting for your new album.i

waiting for your new album.i wish all your dreams come true with your coming video.
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Your amazing Charice, A

Your amazing Charice, A Filipino pride.Congrats Charice

Sooooo excited! You deserve it girl!

Hellooo, Charice! I am very happy and so excited for your career. I just cannot imagine how much you have grown. You are also getting better each time we see your performances in youtube. I think part of my wish is to see you perform again in Korea (especially with SuJu...Kyuhyun...this would absolutely complete my day) and hopefully see one of your concerts here in Seattle, WA.

Anyway, because of my intense anticipation, I already pre-ordered your new album and also pre-ordering some more to send to my brother, grandma and other relatives in Michigan. Hope everything is going well for you and your family despite your hectic schedule. Take care and GOD bless! ^_^



I can't wait until I get a copy of your first international album. Hoping for continued success and happiness and praying for excellent health upon you. Keep up with that great enthusiasm when you are performing and acknowledging people who have helped you reached your dreams. It's truly amazing how God brought you to Ms Oprah and Mr Foster, I mean two huge successful personalities were used as an instrument to achieve your dreams, that's awesome!

You have so many Filipino and American fans here in US that wishes you well and more amazing performance to you!

Moji (I'm on your facebook, too. Please do check it out when you have time. BTW, thank you for approving my facebook invitation)


i just want to say,i love your voice very much!a CHINESE student

Repacked song No One in Ost Alvin in thechipmunks 2

Please Sing No One again Solo with your beautiful voice.....
Form your fans in Indonesia

my princess charice :))

charice i cnt w8 to c u in television again.. ur such a nice diva a great singing princess.. keep up da gud work!!

PYRAMID is cool wen i herd it cant w8 to have it at my psp and cp.. ur da best charice!!!!!!!!!

GODBLESS!! mwuah loveyou

philippines, home of the talented CHARICE..

it's the best part of your life "cha" beginning with nothing only the spirit of fighting you hold, and now your on your way to conquer the world through the power of your voice.

always think of what oprah has said , KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND EVEN YOU WORN A BETTER SHOES.



My Cute Charice

hehey! so FuNNy when i'Ve seen your full Video in YouTube Rapping with Salbakuta Song huh!!! hehe!! Wish to see you Charice, though its Imposible but i hardly seeing you in Dreams hehe!
goOd jOb Charice my Chip Monk Girl.... 'No One" above You! Your the best Singer in this World! thanks for Having Charice on this EArth...
I LOVE YOU! my Cute Bunso Charice!!


Hi, Charice..
I hope with all your succsess that already happened, you're not forget with other people which is not as lucky as you

I wanna tell those unlucky people that they can be like you too

Best wishes for you and everybody that allready support your carerr

Thank You


Fighting! Charice!!

I love your voice! :)

.'m Thai fan!
I wish you will have tour in Thailand someday hehe..:)

hi charice

i was hoping and i wish u should perform in AMERICAN IDOL to showcase your talent there, especially in IDOL GIVES BACK... hope that david foster will grant this... thanks, more powers and godbless... ^_^

i will buy this cd

go charice!

Our Birthday Present to You

I see that your new album is being released the day after your 18th birthday. The best birthday present we can give you will be to send it to the top of the charts. I've pre-ordered two copies. If everyone else does the same, we'll make another of your dreams come true. Let's do it, Chasters!

New Album Cover

I am glad someone listen to my suggestions on Charice first international album cover! Good Job!

I got mine... Love the cover,

I got mine... Love the cover, it's my new wallpaper :)

After 2+long years

After 2+long years waiting!!!! You are amazing! From your humble beginnings to now, I am so excited for you, Mommy Raquel and Carl. I will continue my work with the staff of Charicemania until God takes me from this earth!!! Love you Charice you rock!!!!

love it

i just preordered your album on Amazon! I can't wait for it! I love the cover!

Love the picture! Killer pose

Love the picture! Killer pose Charice!!!!

Album Cover

Beautiful Charice! Great picture! Congratulations on your success.


You will be # 1 very soon, so keep a cool head and and keep God at the top and dont be like so many drug stars okla -love rich

love love love!!!^_^

hindi tlaga makukomlpeto ang day ko pag-hindi ko pinapanuod at pinapakinggan ang mga videos mo charice!!!^_^ sna someday ma-grant din ang dreams ko na mkita kita at mapanuod ko ang concert mo n person..really can't stop crying evrytime i hear u sing...really love the whole u...hope you will always there for your family always specially to your Mommy Raquel n Brother you guyz!!!you're always n my prayers!!!!GOD BLESS YOU ALWAY!!!AND GOD BE WITH YOU FOREVER!!!mwuahhh^__^

You're an amazing talent,

You're an amazing talent, best of luck on your new album. Mabuhay ka Charice!!!

hi charice...

bibili talga ako CHARICE, ganda ng mga songs mo .... =) ^_^

can't wait.....

i can't wait to buy your album....huhuuhuh! im so proud charice.....

love you

hey charice

ako pla c lemor..
pinoy ako..

tawagn mo naman ako oh?pls?




You Rock!!!

Dear Charice,
Is this the cover photo for your big album???
I hope it is because you're beautiful in it!
But then again you are beautiful in every pic they take.
Can't wait for your new album...I'll pre-order it too.
Whoever is your photographer...keep him or her! LOL


Oh Charice, I'm so excited too to get hold of your album. I already pre-ordered @Amazon and can't wait to get it but it'll be later than the release date cuz I'm here in Japan.

You're so beautiful Charice in and out and God will keep pouring you blessings. Keep it up darling.

awesome cover

can't wait for the release of the album!!!


Im so excited to see and to buy the CD!!!! Go Go Go CHARICE your the BEST!!!
PROUD to be Filipino!!!



Great Cover

Can't wait to have your new album and have it autographed. For sure I'll buy more than one cd's for gifts. Saw your vid's at KIIS LA. Awesome. You're every bit of a performer. I think you are ready for a big concert. You have charisma & great vocals that fans are drawn to you. More power & success.

This is awesome!!!

I can't wait to buy your Album.

i am so thrilled to finally

i am so thrilled to finally see ur album coming out very soon. good luck to u!!!

more power!! hope u will come again to vancouver to do a concert. i will be waiting..

new album cover

You look ready to rock the world Charice! All the best to you!

i can't wait till it happens,

i can't wait till it happens, really! I want to listen to you live so much!I even wrote few cheap essay about your talent

Can't wait !!!!

OMG!!!! I can't wait to buy it!!!!