Behind the Scenes of "Pyramid" (featuring Iyaz)

Get a behind the scenes look at the making of Charice's music video for "Pyramid."

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Charice's album will be released on May 11 and is available for preorder now on iTunes, Amazon, and the Charice Online Store!



..Hi Charice..y0u're such a g0od pers0n..
..siNce I sAw y0u siNginG at Lttle Big Star..
..I never give up on siNging Like y0u..
..y0u're my inspirati0n chArice..
..h0pefulLy, I cAn buy aLL y0ur aLbum..
..y0u're my idoL, and f0r me..
..I'm y0ur avid fun..
..keep it up Charice, I h0pe I cAn
invite y0u @ my birthdAy..
..when thAt happens, thAt's my unf0rgettabLe
m0ment ever..
..thAt's my dreAm, my dreAm 2 be a siNger Like y0u..
..GodBless You aLways chArice..
..tAkecAre aLways, m0re bLessiNg 2 c0me 2 u..

It's hard to believe in news

It's hard to believe in news like that, but if the world says so..i wonder whether writers sites could help me in situation like that

CD and mum

Hope all is well have ordered CD awesome your so grown up now like over night...Hope your mum still go's with you around the world love her great mum you have let her know we love her to keep her safe xx

hi charice

your so funny and humble,, i've watch many video of yours in youtube that was so cool,, im looking forward to meet you,, your new song is very nice,, i love it,, keep up the good work and stay good and humble as you are,, iloveyou charice. :)

Hello charice!

I cant wait for your album, i am sure it will be a success....your my idol!