Listen to "Reset"!

Charice's newest song "Reset" has been added to the widget below! Every weekday from now until May 11th, a new song will be added to the widget!

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Charice's album will be released on May 11 and is available for preorder now on iTunes, Amazon, and the Charice Online Store!


I love the song "Nobody's

I love the song "Nobody's sing to me" sure hot hot hot to the top chart.

nice.. love all of it... more

nice.. love all of it... more power and goodluck..

Nobodys singing to me

I love all her songs specially Nobodys singing to me. Im addicted to her songs lol. ><
Im so buying her album! Cant wait! =)

In this song,,

grahahah,, am loving In This Song too,,, I mean,, I will love all the songs,, heheh

Where's Breathe Out?

Breathe Out is the song Charice sang at Skate for the Heart.

love it!! ^-^

i love it! even i haven't hear all the songs in this sure i'll be more loving it.. especially "in this song".. Keep it up charice..please leave me a message..thank you! hope we can sing together..


The song "Reset" has alot to do with what we've all been through. I look forward to seeing "RESET" climb the charts....Best of Luck Charice..


wow!! charice+reset= stardom!!! i love the song.. especially that there is filipino lyrics included.. very proud to include her native language to an american song!! bilib!!!:)


woot woot woot,, hot hot hot,,, widget on my Facebook now,, ahahaha