Check Out "Nobody's Singin' To Me"

"Nobody's Singin' To Me" has been added to the widget! You can listen to it below.

What do you think of Charice's album so far?

Charice's album will be released on May 11 and is available for preorder now on iTunes, Amazon, and the Charice Online Store!


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I love this the best! Of course the other tracks are exceptional as well, but this is the song I found myself humming from the past days. I could smell this on radio frequently, hmmm... I can't wait for that to happen ^_^

Great singer!

Charice you are a great singer!! A lot of people loves you here in New York.. You are so talented.. Your album is so fantastic, the songs are excellent! Keep up the good work!

-- Stephanie03
Your Forex Robot enthusiast

Mature themes

All 3 songs- ALL THAT I NEED, THE TRUTH IS, and I DID IT FOR YOU- emote melancholic emotions. These more mature themes are hardly what an 18 yr old experiences, but these songs are still very believable to me. ALL THAT I NEED will make you cry. All great songs. I think I love each and every song in this CHARICE album!

Complex compositions

I like the songs in her new album...the songs have substance and the compositions are complex just like the singer herself! This album is a cornucopia of Charice's vocal prowess. Love "I love you" and "Nobody's Singing to Me". Those two are my personal favorites. I can totally imagine playing it in the radio waves. Hurry up! I need songs like these on the pop radios...because right now with all the songs out there, I feel my brain cells atrophying, and I feel I'm getting dumber by the minute. I need some Charice songs to build my brain up again! : )

nobody's singin to me

When I listened to the songs from the snnipet, "Nobody's singin to me" did catch my attention. I think that's my pick while "Thank you" got me curious of listening to it more. It sounds like a different side charice. I liked "in this song" when i first heard it on youtube. It's nice to travel back on Charice's past and present life. However, when I heard the full length of the first 6 songs, they are all lovely. But If I have to pick only one, I'd realy go for "Nobody's singin to me" :). I'm loving it. It has the power of charice, emotional and catchy. IMO, it was sang perfectly. While listening to it, It was like charice performing in a singing competition. She rocked when she reached the part of "to bring you back to me.."

Overall, though we have yet to listened to the other songs, the album is all thumbs up. In here, IMO, it's a different side of charice. it's like hearing different voices of different good singers when it fact all this comes from one voice only. And that's charice. This album proves that charice can do any type of songs. Amazing!

I've pre-ordered a copy online.


i love all of her songs they all rock!

This is awesome

I've memorized this song already lol
Now eveybody's singin' to her songs
I can't wait for that to happen and hear Charice sing them
Electric Dog Fence


where did you hear that song....can you share the link...tnx a lot

Reply to rdt1964


I was wondering if you have heard of the full songs Track 1 to 5 (Pyramid, Reset, In This Song, Nobody's Singing To me and Thank You) on this site or on Oprah's site because the power singing you said you are a fan of, are present in these tracks.

If not, try to listen to them, I am assuring you, you will be sad no more because the Charice you loved in all those big songs, is captured in the album yet they will be loved by kids from 8 to 88 and you can clearly say that these are her songs.


i love her voice !! she is the best !! i love Charice!! Good luck !! come to France i will want to see you here !!! i love your album !!

new album

pls clarify initial release on 11th may is it in USA only? what about Asia?


I'm going crazy about this album. Can't wait to have my copy.... I'm so excited to see her at grammy's.... at the top girl!

I am a huge Charice fan , but

I listened to the preview of the album on Amazon. I wasn't impressed. I am a huge fan of her power singing. To me, the album, with the exception of Note to God, is light-weight pop/R&B stuff. I guess David wanted to pander to a certain demographic. I may buy it anyway just to support her first international debut album, but I probably won't listen to it. I am sad.

lovin' it

Can't wait for her album to come out. wow! charice your album will surely be a hit!

wOw!! wHat can i say..?? an

wOw!! wHat can i say..?? an its SPECTECULAR album..booOOom..
goD bless CHA.u deserve it

A Grammy or Two or More

I never doubted Mr. David Foster's genius and Oprah's Magic.

When Mr. Foster said, they would wait until she turns 18 before they release her album, he was not kidding.

The songs are well selected. Truly the age bracket 8 to 88 will love the album.

I can smell multiple Grammy's.

I hope she is still eligible for the Best New Artist Category as she has released NTG last year as a single. Hopefully she is because she is the hands down winner.

Billboards her she comes.

oops a daisy

wow i love the style.cant wait to hear the song nothing...

lovin' all the songs

its a great album.its worth the wait. congratulations charice.its gonna be big. i pre-ordered for my iphone and my sister's too. you have our support.we love u n thank you for sharing your songs to the world. thanks too Ms. oprah and Mr. David foster. Godbless!

Favorite so far!

I've loved Reset and In This Song, but this one has got to be my favorite so far!

Cool and refreshing...

It's simply remarkable and hallmark of its distinctiveness because it's refreshing.


am just loving it... I mean,, I love every song,, yay

Bravo! Another hit!

Bravo! Another hit!

Everybody's Singin' To Her

I really love this song, it will be a hit. I've memorized this song already lol
Now eveybody's singin' to her songs
I can't wait for that to happen and hear Charice sing them!!!!

This song got "class" and "style"!

Overall: "Nobody's Singing To Me" is a fusion of talent, passion, and note-worthy rhythm.
Some people might contest that "not again! this track is just another R&B/Pop song out there that talks about love and pain, sadness, loneliness and desperation". Yet, there is something extraordinary about this...
read more here: