Tune In To QVC On May 11 at 8pm EST!

Watch the special video message from Charice about her QVC performance on Tuesday, May 11th at 8pm EST!


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Yessssss. I found it and because I have a DVR, barring any brownout I am sure I can watch it over & over & over again. I am in the Pacific Zone so it'll will be on @ 5PM May 11th (Oprah Show @ 3PM) on Channel 275 and 317 . I surely want to see Charice emoting/dancing/giggling while singing her songs. DF being present, will surely make it a "must watch" show. Congratulation Charice and I hope and pray that you stay healthy because I can almost feel how hectic your schedule this past weeks. You are ubiquitous and tired. And I know after this you'll be in Philippines promoting again. You need a long deserved rest after these.

Happy Birthday Charice

Happy Birthday girl. My husband will record the Ophra show so I can watch it after work. I'll watch you for sure at QVC. I've seen your videos of your performance in another state. When are you coming to Boston to promote your new CD? I wish I can see you when you come to Boston if not in your next (Boston) concert. At the top baby!!! Love you. from me & my family.

Keep it up

Hey Charice,

I came across your mv on youtube.

I just wanna say that, I love how you keep your lyrics and music videos clean. And your song and performance is still beautiful and as a matter of fact..more beautiful than other hip hop/R&B singers who incorporate a lot of sex appeal and lustful lyrics

I know with the demands of our market these days, its easier to follow that trend and join the competition on if you can be sexier than other singers.

But I know and pray that God's holiness will shine through your ever song and performance and make you tops in his Eyes.

Stay pure and beautiful. God will help you through all tribulations.


Happy 18th Birthday!

Cha Happy 18th Birthday to you. and congrats to your album. i love you so much.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Can't Wait

I look forward to getting the QVC album!
I don't have cable or satellite, so might have to watch at a friends house.


Can't wait to hear the concert! It'll be a nice break from never ending college mid-terms =)