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Charice new album

Happy Happy Birthday Charice. I was one of your die hard fan and I followed your career since you were featured in you tube. Your new album sounds great. Now you can tell the whole world that you have your own international album and is not copying other singers. I just bought 1 of your CD at target .com and 2 more at target stores. There was only 3 left when I came and it was almost sold out. I heard that your album is selling like hot cakes. No wonder in a few days it will be one of the best selling album and it will reach a platinum status.
Congratulations again and I really love this album. Everything sounds great.
I am really proud to be a Filipino. You brought honor to our country and to our people. Good luck !

Happy Birthday Charice

Hi Charice,

Can't wait for your CD to be shipped. Your voice is a wonderful treasure.
Please take good care of it, so the World can enjoy it for a long time to come.
It inspires me to do greats things.

Thanks to you and your Mom..

Enjoy life!


Love my new Charice CD!

Hi Charice! just love, love , love yours songs. My husband and i was in Vegas and on our way home to California we stopped by Target ( i new your Album is out) and went to the new CD releases and there i saw your CD album and not just that i told my husband to take a picture of me holding your CD beside your CD on display, i'm planning to share it here. I got to 2 CD's but i'm still planning to get some few CD'S at QVC. I'm sooo happy for you, Happy Birthday and i pray that you'll always stay as sweet as you are now. God bless!


Hi Charice, I'm a big fun of yours.. Wow! Charice, a few minutes ago i you watched in Oprah show. Your the greatest singer i ever heard in my life...congratz and im happy for you...keep being simple. By the way belated Happy Bday. Wishes you more success and good

Happy 18th Birthday Charice!!!

Happy happy 18th Birthday!My wish for you always good health and a very successful for your debut album.Goodluck and I love you.Your my number one vivid fan.I always check your website and it's a good website inorder to check your new videos,comments and news update about you.I'm already Chaddict you know why?I always listen to your new songs in your debut album and they are all great/beautiful songs especially the lyrics awesome.Before I go and after I work I always check your website.Before I go to bed and wake up in the morning I check your site again.I'm I'm at work I still check your websites and listen to all your songs.What did you do to me Charice?I can't resist checking at you everyday.What kind of charisma you have?I'm In Love So Deep about you.All that I Need is you.I Love You!Nothing could change that.Thank you for making me happy especially if hear your song In this Song.And I'm lonely if Nobody's Singing To Me to hear your songs.Again Happy B-day!!!!!!!

Charice's Birthday

Happy 17th or 18th Birthday Charice!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!