Charice's Performance On Oprah

Today on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Charice performed her single "Pyramid" with Iyaz and "In This Song" with David Foster.

If you missed the segment, you can watch Charice's performance on

Both songs are off of Charice' debut album out today on iTunes, QVC, and in stores at Target!

Also, be sure to watch Charice and David Foster perform live on QVC's Q Sessions at 8 PM EST!


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i got ur album already...

see this link...

charice! you are the best!

charice! you are the best! ive been following and have watched and still keep watching all of the videos about you. You are indeed amazing! i have always wanted to see you and hug you and tell you Godbless you. Treasure everything u have and don't forget to thank God and always ask His guidance no matter what. I love you charice!

That Face

I, for one, think Charice is very pretty. I would think she was pretty if she couldn't carry a tune in a suitcase. Just because she doesn't fit some people's ideals for beauty does not mean that many others agree with them. Charice, you are beautiful, inside and out. Don't ever let anyone else convince you otherwise. Also, I do think that her interviews in English are improving. She just needs more practice and, perhaps, some more coaching. If you ever take the opportunity to watch some of her interviews in her native language, you would see how well she can do an interview. Just be patient about this. Besides, I listen to Charice for that AMAZING vioce; and I love that AMAZING smile. 'Nuff said.

Glam up pleaseeeeee.


No doubt Charice has such a powerful voice and her talent is undeniable. But in this era of the entertainment industry, ONE HAS TO HAVE THE WHOLE PACKAGE to be able to keep up with the rest of the pack. SHE HAS TO LOOK HOT and STUNNING. It is about time your team hires a STYLIST for her as she definitely has a lot of room to get better with her fashion sense. The picture on her debut album sleeve is right ON THE MONEY! That's the kind of packaging she has to have. She has to be consistent on that. She looks 10/10 in the picture. Very chic and sharp! Unfortunately she has more misses than hits. She looks great only 2 in 10 of her TV appearances. Please don't get me wrong, I love this girl from the very first time I'd seen her on YouTube video and all I want is for her to really make it big in the music industry as she has an amazing talent. I love her voice so much. Unfortunately, nowadays, talent has to be coupled with good looks and that's just the way it is otherwise she will never have longevity in this business. And pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee enuff with the flat-iron super straight hair as it only emphasizes her big, round face which is really not that appealing. She really looks soooo good with her hair curled, adding volume to it and thus framing her face in such a way that her way too round cheeks would not be screaming for attention. Her picture on the homepage of this website is tastefully done. So fashion-forward.

I watched her interview on Access Hollywood 2 nights ago and sad to say it was dismally disappointing. She didn't look good at all. I remember when she was on Oprah the same day Taylor Swift was on the show; to be brutally honest her "plain jane look" was really made worse as she stood close to Taylor. I was wondering where was Oprah's formidable makeover dream team. So please, I beg you, Oprah, David Foster, please hire a stylist ASAP!

One more important suggestion please. Can your team also hire a PUBLIC SPEAKING COACH asap, asap, asap! I do understand where the girl is coming from, English being not her native tongue. BUT NO EXCUSES, she needs to work on her public speaking capability. She does not know how to talk, period! Yes, she does not have a very heavy accent but I would rather have the Salma Hayek accent for as long as their is "meat" in what is being said. Her interview on Access Hollywood was very painful to listen to. She clearly was groping for words and was just filling it with uneasy bursts of laughter when she could have really taken advantage of the tv appearance mileage on Access Hollywood. The tv show has a big audience, Charice could have taken advantage of such opportunity. But what did she do? She was barely mumbling. Her answers were empty, no substance at all. It was like listening to a toddler. I hate to say this but that's what the truth is.

Please, please I beg you to add two important people into Charice's arsenal: a STYLIST and a PUBLIC SPEAKING COACH.

Thanks a lot!

I would really love to offer my service free of charge if only that would help :-))

Thank you again. Just my 2 cents, you know.

I love you Charice.

Very sincerely,


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A new fan!

Just watched Charice on Oprah, and I think I've become your fan, even though I think I am too old to be a fan :-) and I haven't said that to anyone. However, I love your voice. Hope to get your new CD soon :-).

Love from Vietnam,

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Debut Album

Hi, Charice, just bought you debut album from QVC. Congratulations!!

The "Pyramid"...

Just watched Charice's performance at Oprah and she's really great...

You go girl!

God bless you Charice and u made me cry watching ur Oprah performance. You made me proud to be a Pinoy. Keep it up and raise ur head to the world but keep ur feet on the ground. You go girl, the world is urs to conquer! More power and hope to see u soon in ur US solo concert.

tried to watch today's show on

...but the computer was so slow tonight and it kept stalling on me. i wonder if it's because everyone else was viewing at the same time. i did see it after so many stops and gos. such a cliffhanger when the video freezes up on me. but i was really touched and tears came rolling down my cheeks when charice sang her IN THIS SONG. the video clips of her life and her climb to success in the big screen that appears behind her added to the emotion of the song. i cannot wait to view the whole show (lucky that my sis recorded it for me!) which includes the interview.

Charice, I just bought your

Charice, I just bought your CD and it is so good. I really like it. Congratulations on your new CD. :) <3

Charice In France

Charice is One of the BEST singer i ever heard in my Life!
I'm 18 years Old and I'm From France.
I really want to see her in France.
It's Hard for me to move to U.S.A
I bought her album and i can't listening to it.
It's like another world where I can escape.
Charice, i Hope you'll read this Message because you've got some fans here in France !!
Oh one thing... I'm a Dancer and a lot of people told me to try to tell you about that. If you need dancers, please think of me !!!
I'd like to join your team and do your Live Tour with you.
Good Luck for your Carrer!!
Your french Fan... Anthony.


Hi Charice, I'm a big fun of yours.. Wow! Charice, a few minutes ago i you watched in Oprah show. Your the greatest singer i ever heard in my life...congratz and im happy for you...keep being simple. By the way belated Happy Bday. Wishes you more success and good

Debut album

Love the album


Today I saw Charice on oprah and now on Qvc and I got har Cd in the mail yesterday, Charice I love you sweetheart, you touch my soul and make me smile. God bless you.

We support you Cha!

I just bought your delux CD on QVC! I feel so complete that I have all your CD even from the PI. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG FROM YOUR CD!!! DF and team really did a great job!

Thank you for being so super talented and most of all, a wonderful person! GOD BLESS!!!

oH my goD i just barely watch

oH my goD i just barely watch cha and Df on oprah, i tell you im a "man"
but when cha enter the stage its make me tears til the end of the show.she's so
touch my heart and its so inspiring. ryt thnx to all the people who helf our very own CHA.gdblss