Message from Charice: New Album In Stores Now

Hello friends!

The day has finally come -- my first album release!

I'm so happy that you can finally hear it! I've been blessed with the best team and fans, and I want to thank you all. The next and most important thing is to share it with you... :) You can find it on iTunes, at Target stores, and of course, in my official online store!

Please tune in to Oprah today for my official launch, and later that day, watch me and David Foster perform live on QVC's Q Sessions at 8 PM EST as we unveil the special deluxe edition of my album!

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think of the album. :)

Love to you all,



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Got the album!

Cha, belated Happy birthday! I've 1st watch you in Little Big Star. The first time I saw you was with your duet with Nina. You got my full attention! I mean you were 12 but your voice was so deep.. I was so sad when you got 3rd place. So I was happy when I saw you in Star King..and then Ellen and then Oprah.

Your album is just great! So proud of you... My personal favorites aside from pyramid and Note to God are: Reset (somehow this tugs my heart), I Love You, I Did It For you (duet w/ Drew Ryan Scott...I think you guys should release a video of this)...In This Song...

Gosh all the songs are so good it's difficult to choose! I hope you win some awards and top all charts. God bless!

Love it the best album ever!!!!

I love Charice she is the best i cant stop listening to her. Go Charice make your fans proud.

Superb! as always!

I have the copy of your CD, I got so excited to go to Target across the street where I live to get a copy and took a picture of your CD with those of great other big names in the industry being displayed on those racks of stars. Wow! I am and I will remain a big follower, supporter and a fan Charice. I was playing your CD while driving and made me cry when I heard the lyrics and rythem of "In This Song" and was to touched with "Thank You" Charice, there is no impossible when you believe in yourself. It was the same force I had in me that get me to where I am now! Remain humble! God Bless!

Can't stop listening !!!

My copy of Charice's CD just arrived in the mail today from Amazon. Since it's arrival, I haven't been able to stop listening to it. The wife (she's Filipina) have been playing it all day.

All of the songs have a fresh sound and are really touching to the heart. I have been following Charice ever since I saw her on YouTube. She has grown before my eyes and the power of her voice is just so amazing. What a special talent she has and the vocal range that she has is awesome. It would be such an honor to be able to meet her and to have the ability to see her in concert one day.

Charice...Keep up the great work and hold tightly to the faith that you have in God for I believe that He has special plans for you that have still to be imagined.

And here come Charice !

"In this song" is such an extraodinary emotional performance you gave on Oprah. Note to God is simply divine! You are such a good role model for younger kids. We love the fact that you don't need to use artefact and sexuality to sell your music. Hope you will stay always grounded and true to yourself. Hope fame and money will not get you as it does to so many young artists of these days. We will keep supporting your career as it will grow bigger ! We know your team are trying to get you on gear with the younger generation, and for the next CD, please don't forget the "older" fans, who also love your beautiful ballads...

newly released album

just bought your cd today here at sm megamall. i was so thriled to listen full to your songs cha and as always, you made me awe-inspired again. yor already a big star girl. just keep it up.

I received my Charice CD in the mail today!

Yes, I did. Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy! Charice, I love your photos inside the cd, front and back. You are very photogenic. Perfect shots, makeup, pose, attire.Very, very nice! Oh, I almost forgot, the songs are amazing!. But that goes without saying. ; )
Thank you for sharing your talent to the world!
Love Hugs and Kisses

I've seen the other site

I've seen the other site perez hilton. com and some of the not very nice comments of the people there. yes some were very mean, and it showed me there are still adversaries just like the ones you were faced with in the philippines. i just wanted to tell you Charice, don't lose heart. don't listen to those people. i know it hurts because when i read those mean comments, it cut me as well. now that you have wide readership, those things cannot be avoided. just keep your eyes on the prize and keep God first in your life, and you'll never go wrong. remember your fans and supporters, we are right behind you!
some people are reluctant to change and have narrow and closed minds. personally i think the world is ready for change. those who stick to the old ways perish and rot. one mean commenter said you look way too ethnic to succeed in the U.S. to that person i rebut, is there something wrong with looking ethnic? oy vey. i think those people with cutting remarks just feel very threatened by your obvious talent. never mind them, just keep soaring Charice!

I got your CDs today!!

Hey Charice!! I got them today from the mail. I brought them to work still in those small brown boxes. I opened one of them during snack break and scanned the pages, I saw your beautiful pictures and started reading your message in the thank you page. Charice, I have to stop at that part where you said to us chasters that you're speechless for the love and support that we give you. That it's so overwhelming and it made you cry many times. I have to stop reading because I started sniffing and my eyes red (and wet too, seriously :).
Thank you Charice for everything about you. You make me feel good every time I get updates about you. It's been like this for about 2 1/2 yrs now and I love the experience. I love you Charice. We love you. Please don't change. Stay humble, and like O said, always be nice to everyone. That's her secret. And then more and more people will love you like we all do.
Right now your CD is on continous mode in my player and I love all the songs in it. It's worth the wait baby :)
much love
and now already waiting for your 2nd CD,

new album

Charice I bought your new album because I love your life story and your talent. However, I'm not crazy about the direction of the cd. Most of your fans fell in love with you from watching your youtube videos and your appearances on Ellen and Oprah. Your new album is very generic. It sounds like it could be Jordan Sparks, Rihanna, or so many others with those kind of pop albums. I know you're trying to carve out a spot with fans of a certain age but most of us were looking for songs that have the dynamics to show of the unique voice of the ages that you have. There has been no one like you since the young Whitney. Please don't waste your talent singing inferior songs when we all were brought to tears and joy hearing you sing songs by Whitney and Celine. Please give us your covers of the songs we heard on youtube. As David Foster said don't just be Charice the voice of this decade. I will continue to support you and buy your cds but please don't bury your talent in songs that don't show you to your best extent. I am one of your older fans and have seen many great voices (Mariah) be wasted on generic music. Much love and success to you.


your the best!!can you send to me your latest video,last may 11....thank you so much!!!God Bless you all the time....

yan ang pinay!

i love you so much charice!!! hope my son will get to sing with you're my favorite 'cuz ur really good in singing! u have the power to WOW! hope you'll sing note to god, listen, halo and pyramid in your concert here in the philippines! my husband and i will watch it... always keep your feet on the ground charice never fail to look back where u came from 'cuz we really love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow all are the imaging

Wow all are the imaging place.
I heard about this place how wonderful is that I'll come very soon.
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You really inspire me Ate Charice:-)

Thank you very much for your album because it really inspire me:-).Thanks for the songs.And your album is very inspiring.We love you and God Bless.:-)

Debut CD

The whole CD is awesome! It reminded me Whitney Houston's first album where all the songs were chartbusters. Rock on girl! I pre-ordered your CD but could not wait and bought one from the store and will purchase another from QVC with bonus tracks. Going straight to the TOP!!!

Way to Go Cha!

As I write this, your album is #7 in sales on both Amazon and iTunes. It's also NUMBER 1 in both Broadway & Vocalists and Vocal Pop on Amazon. I pre-ordered the QVC version, but couldn't wait 'til it arrived, so I downloaded it from iTunes last night. I've been waiting for this since I first saw you on YouTube (Star King)
2 ½ years ago. I immediately knew you were destined for stardom and have followed your career every day since.

Your album has so many outstanding songs, it's hard to pick a favorite. I can't get "Reset" out of my head, though. The lyrics are really creative, using a computer as a metaphor for the relationship. The melody is infectious, as is the arrangement with its multi-layered vocals. The frosting on the cake, of course, is your singing. (I also LIKE your rapping, even though I don't know a word of Tagalog.) If I had to pick one song to promote as the next single, it would be "Reset."

It was great to see you perform In San Francisco last Friday. I doubt you'll be doing many more free performances in shopping malls, though. Keep chasing your dreams -- you have a knack for making them come true!

Charice cd was sold out at Target!

So I read on here that Charice's cd is sold at Target and it has 2 bonus songs--bonus songs or not, I cannot wait for my Amazon order to ship, so I ran to Target fifteen minutes before closing time. Out of breath I ask the clerk, "Where are the Charice cds?" He goes, "They sold out ma'am." They were sold out!!! Can you believe that? Hey Chasters quit buying 10 cds at a time! Leave some for others. ; ) Just kidding. So you would think I'd be dissappointed leaving the store empty-handed, but no. On the drive home, I had a smile on my face because I was happy for Charice. But tomorrow, I'll fight tooth and nail for my copy of Charice cd. Belated Happy 18th Birthday Charice!

LOL 2learn2love2live

LOL 2learn2love2live! I cracked up on what 2learn2love2live said.. "Reset is a sure Crabs Destroyer" haha! Its so true. I think she is beautiful inside and out and her voice is golden. I am happy to witness such a beautiful voice from this young girl. She is my new favorite singer. I just cant stop watching her and listen to her songs. Im buying 2 album and just bought one this morning cause my daughter wants the other CD. She loves her too!


I was following the songs day by day here at this site and I have listened to all the tracks even before the CD came. I grabbed the copy of her CD today at the store and I was so excited to hear it in my car. Now I have the chance to listen to it more often now. The songs were great and almost everything has great potential to be a hit. The target version of the album has two new tracks added and one of them is "breathe out" which was one of my favorites..... I totally support charice and it shows by buying her CD and of course sharing it with my friends... I hope we could be a word of mouth to everybody and share this amazing album.



Saw you again on Oprah today and you were fantastic. It really brought major tears to me because my Mom recently passed and one of the last memories I have with her was watching you on the last Oprah show you were on, and we were crazy about you!! I remembered that all over again, and while it made me cry and miss her, thank you for a good memory. My Mom and I were best friends and she was taken so suddenly. I see the closeness you share with your Mom as well. Dont ever take her for granted and tell her love her and hug her every chance you get! I too was raised with only my Mom with an abusive father whom she left thank God.
I will be buying your album and crying while I listen. You are one of the most talented people I have ever heard in my life and I KNOW you are going to make it to the top!!


Hi Charice I just saw you on Oprah. You were amazing just like before. It was a great show on Oprah. In This Song will be the next big hit after Pyramid. I like this song very much. Going to buy your album on QVC at 8pm ET. Keep it up. To the TOP Baby


can't wait to hear it... yeahhh !! <3

Debut Album

I went to Target early this morning and bought the CD ( I have also ordered some from QVC ). I told myself that nothing was going to make me cry. I was going to be tough. I made it through the whole CD, fighting back tears on "In This Song" and "Note To God". I thought that I had made it. Then I read Charice's thank you to her mother and lost it. I lost my mother five years ago and I miss her more every day. The love they have for each other is so special and deeply touching. This is what truly makes Charice sucn an amazing person, her bigger than life heart . You made me cry again, Charice. Thank you for being you.

All songs are GREAT!

Its AMAZING!!! All of them are good but i do have favorites : In love so Deep, Nobody Singing to me, I love you and Are we Over!


Congratz charice for your new album.. We Filipinos are very proud of you.. We are always here to support you no matter what happens... ur still no.1 in our hearts... Good luck in your career and God Bless... many albums to come...

your album

all the songs are all beautiful and i dont know which one to pick, after midnight, when i got your songs from itune, i keep on playing and i m very happy with the outcome of your album. more power and i pray for your more success and good health. I love the All i need to survive is very touchy song and it made me cry.

i really love..

wow naman , super ganda ng mga songs, kaka addict pakinggan, sana may mga music video lahat ng song mo Cha, i super love it..

you've really become a great

you've really become a great inspiration to me and I've took up songwriting because of you and that is now my dream. All I want to say is thankyou. I was finally about to go pick it up a couple of days ago, and can't stop listening to it and I can't stop reading the lyrics.


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Bought the album

I was so excited that I woke up early to buy your full album in itunes and will play it on my way to work. Now No 16 on itunes....Yes!!! So happy for you.


Great album and amazing songs....
I'm glad the album had finally been launched!
Thank you...

My first full album purchase in 10 years

Honestly, I haven't bought a full album from ANY artists in ten years!!! and now I am buying both the QVC version and the original deluxe version!! Why? because ALL the songs in the album are soo good!! and most importantly, because Charice's voice is GOLD!

Conquer the World Charice...Conquer!

Impressive debut album...Songs are amazing...
NSTM is a sure hit, All I Need To Survive is a powerhouse Ballad, In Love So Deep is Sick, In this Song is Charice's Life Anthem, Thank You for all who have touched her life in one way or another....and Reset is a sure Crabs-Destroyer.
At the Top Baby.
Happy Birthday also and more Power