Happy Birthday Charice!

Thank you to all the fans that sent Charice happy birthday messages on Twitter! This morning, #HappyBDayCharice was a trending topic in the United States!

If you're interested in other ways you can help take Charice to the top, check out the Chasters' Promo Guide!

Round 1: Vote For Your Favorite Cover of "Pyramid"!

Vote for your favorite cover of "Pyramid"! The winner of this poll will move into the next round of voting!

Check back soon for the next poll!

Charice's Birthday Is On May 10th! Help Us Celebrate!

Charice’s 18th birthday is on May 10th! On the day of Charice’s birthday, celebrate by changing your profile picture to a photo of you holding up the Charice album cover! Then, tweet your message to Charice using the hashtag #HappyBDayCharice!

Download a copy of the album cover here

Also, share your photos with us by adding them to Charice’s Facebook Wall!

Tune In To QVC On May 11 at 8pm EST!

Watch the special video message from Charice about her QVC performance on Tuesday, May 11th at 8pm EST!