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  • Kishes says
    (20110922T162818Z )

    I just sign up, and I'm new here, just want to let you know your amazing charice, and stay as you are, may GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE ALWAYS AND YOUR FAMILY. ^_^

  • pauline says
    (20110708T122741Z )

    Love you and your dress!!! You're so cute there!!! I wiss I could have a dress like that!!♥ :)

  • kimi says
    (20110412T081753Z )

    Very cute!!!!!

  • nina says
    (20101110T191716Z )

    Stunning Pic!!!

  • (20101005T035555Z )

    Chaster's always be here for you no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AAe says
    (20100927T073243Z )

    cute ^^

  • (20100926T170543Z )

    charice wowww

  • tinal says
    (20100916T170914Z )

    Charice is amazing!

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