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  • pauline says
    (20110418T013514Z )

    I love you Charice!!!! you have a great voice!!!!!
    We know that you are a great even you are now an international singing sensation dont change yourself....keep your feet on the ground....and we will support you always!!!

  • (20110417T200004Z )

    Love you Charice. Your voice is sooooo heartfelt and touching I shed tears everytime i hear you sing a song .Please don't ever Change who you are,How you are and the type of music you love to sing. Always Be yourself. I believe you're better than alot of legends. Keep singing hun Enjoy your life!!

  • khrisna says
    (20110209T034948Z )

    im so proud of you! hope you will always keep your feet on the ground. MABUHAY KA! :)

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