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Chusky [my dog] says hi to all of you.

Chusky [my dog] says hi to all of you.
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Posted by Charice
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filopinodanielle's picture

Its so cute i love your dog Charice

eia's picture

Hi Charice... Nakaka amazed tlga ang voice mo! its my first time here in your site.. ;)

Brian Vercelli's picture

CUTE like it

NAN's picture

hello!!! everyone!!!! im nan. i come from Thailand..
nice to meet you. well, i'll tell " i love Charice"

Samuasa Chaster's picture

I really want to touch him... My dog named Chuy this is Chusky... whoaaa... really cute

ChariceFANATICS's picture

Cute dog Charice ! Sana makita kita in personal ..

pauline's picture

is it a golden retriever or a labrador?????
it's cute!!!!!

chaster's picture

sino kaya nag aalaga nang aso ni charice ngaung busy sya..swerte naman nung aso haha..sana khit naging ako na lang si chusky :D hehee

FuLLm00n_M4JhiC4's picture

parang aku lang.. x.x
Bat nadyan picture ko? ^_^
(Hindi naman aku mukang aso medyo lanh)

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Jillie109's picture

aww hey chusky!

ThisPersonLUVSCharice's picture

awwww so cute!!!

shinniezanessa's picture

akin na lang :)

chester's picture

hi chusky

ur so cute ^^ hahahaha....

i like that dog ^^

Pinoy Ako's picture

Hi Chusky! ur so super duper cute! I want 2 hug u

oreo28's picture

Sp cute? Who picked the name Chusky?

leigh's picture

Hello Chusky!!! mwaah!!! =)

PauseLee's picture

o My.. I Lah your Dog.. Tell Chusky i say HIIIIIIII!! lol

wyip's picture

Heylo Chusky =)

AngelaTeves's picture

Hi Chusky! I'm wishing to see you soon. :)

mirmo01327's picture

Kawaii! How old is Chusky? :)

Sw33te's picture

aww.. What a cute dog!!!

ChasterrChayChay's picture

what a cute dog!

libramlm1's picture

Chusky is adorable. He looks thirsty "more water please in my bowl"

mitzi's picture

what an adorable Chusky!!! stay sweet always Cha! im a big fan here in Cardiff, Wales (UK) wish you all the BEST!!!

zen58's picture

Hi, Cha Chusky is sooooo cute! love that pose.So smart, sweet and beautiful like you.Also Hello, to Carl and your Mom, love you all!!!

lhyca_tribe's picture

wow kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

nogs04's picture

oahhhh....chusky is sooo......... cute....

PARSYETH's picture

HI CHA, CU AT ARANETA... :) PARSYETH friends will be there to support you.! anyhow, watch this video(dancing dog) for you to relax for a while.... :)!. Just got it from utube... :)

ChasterrChayChay's picture

Chusky is such a cute dog! Good thing Charice picked Chucky! ;)