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Chusky [my dog] says hi to all of you.

Posted by Charice
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  • (20111128T134410Z )

    CUTE like it

  • NAN says
    (20110730T164049Z )

    hello!!! everyone!!!! im nan. i come from Thailand..
    nice to meet you. well, i'll tell " i love Charice"

  • (20110516T173935Z )

    I really want to touch him... My dog named Chuy this is Chusky... whoaaa... really cute

  • (20110516T072452Z )

    Cute dog Charice ! Sana makita kita in personal ..

  • pauline says
    (20110424T001522Z )

    is it a golden retriever or a labrador?????
    it's cute!!!!!

  • chaster says
    (20110411T172310Z )

    sino kaya nag aalaga nang aso ni charice ngaung busy sya..swerte naman nung aso haha..sana khit naging ako na lang si chusky :D hehee

  • (20110306T024752Z )

    parang aku lang.. x.x
    Bat nadyan picture ko? ^_^
    (Hindi naman aku mukang aso medyo lanh)

  • leonken123 says
    (20110301T013933Z )


  • Jillie109 says
    (20110224T233734Z )

    aww hey chusky!

  • (20110219T175548Z )

    awwww so cute!!!

  • (20110219T003447Z )

    akin na lang :)

  • chester says
    (20110212T035429Z )

    hi chusky

    ur so cute ^^ hahahaha....

    i like that dog ^^

  • Pinoy Ako says
    (20110126T091630Z )

    Hi Chusky! ur so super duper cute! I want 2 hug u

  • oreo28 says
    (20101203T211618Z )

    Sp cute? Who picked the name Chusky?

  • leigh says
    (20101202T094130Z )

    Hello Chusky!!! mwaah!!! =)

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