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GLEE: Charice guest-stars as exchange student Sunshine Corazon in "Audition," the season premiere episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, Sept. 21 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX

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  • (20111023T121036Z )

    Charice, I love your voice. I love your song, I love your fashion, I love your style and I like everything about you

  • Sithu says
    (20110913T054750Z )

    u r xo xo cute !! i love u .... xo xo .. :)

  • DoloresD says
    (20110814T004101Z )

    Lovin your voice at Glee... Love "Listen"!!

  • (20110323T150651Z )

    Hi charice, i really love your voice, you make every song meaningful, beautiful, keep it up, i love you

  • ArianRiady says
    (20110102T044539Z )

    im so interest with your voice, Charice ^^

  • Jeric says
    (20101227T091159Z )

    even if i am just a guy from rp... i will always love your music forever... love the way you sing

  • JayCee says
    (20101106T194025Z )

    i will always admire CHARICE for being such a humble person with good heart and down to earth artist, continue who u r and how u handle ur self, i will always be your fan and your the BEST !!!

  • SADSOUL says
    (20101031T010846Z ) really remind me of my friend... nyweiz your voice is so totally amazing........gods gift tlga.. the best among the rest...=)

  • (20101028T164209Z )

    I'm Brazilian, I love you and your music, also love to sing: D
    See your fan club in Brazil:

  • Roses says
    (20101023T080853Z )

    wow, lovely nice n lovely

  • rihr says
    (20101021T175623Z )

    we dont need those youtube sensations here (laughs) because the ASAP kapamilya sensation is all we need...Tama - by ASAP XV

  • jamesjas says
    (20101013T005356Z )

    Married to a Filapina myself, now I'm totally adicted to your singing. Not a day goes by without listening to your singing. As David Foster says "OH MY GOD". You have topped Celine in my heart and I'm hoping someday that my wife Virginia and I can come to one of your concerts. I'm anxiously awaiting your next performance on Glee and our dream is to meet you someday, maybe at one of your concerts. I pray to God that you somehow realize ALL of your dreams and the dreams of your mom.

  • Marcus says
    (20101009T094706Z )

    I think u're iluminated for God and "a note to God" is be the better way to prove that. Good Job! Love u already!

  • Analyn says
    (20101007T002549Z )

    Hi Cha,ang ganda mo at mabait ka pa.god bless!!!

  • (20101006T225202Z )


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