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Just landed here in Hamptons. :) btw, Thanks Jerzzzzeeeey! Wonderful crowd :)

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  • (20110907T213013Z )

    charice sana tour kdin d2 s nashville tennessee...wait ko un concert m d2...

  • (20110824T155551Z )

    Charmaine: No sabia dónde escribir esto, pero si alguna vez lo lees, quisiera poner aquí, chiquitico, pero grande de corazón, que me siento bendecida por conocer y escuchar un sonido tan bonito, como el que logras con tu voz. GRACIAS por seguir tu sueño y por lo que has sacrificado en pro de tu familia. ERES un ejemplo para mucha gente en el mundo...; donde quiera que vayas, sigue siendo luz, sigue así sencilla, humilde, mostrando genuina alegria..., no pierdas eso
    Hace unosminutos, en viendo un video de youtu, escribia esto:
    Hola, que linda voz!
    Cuando hiciste éste comentario, ella aún no nos habia deleitado con conciertos en espacios cerrados. Pero ya hemos tenido la oportunidad de escuchar esos logros de los que tu hablas, en los conciertos efectuados con David Foster al piano. Ella es espectacular!!! Yo insisto en que hacia ya mucho tiempo que no teniamos la bendición de escuchar una voz tan genialmente prolija (artesanalmente trabajada), rica y hermosa. ¡Enhorabuena Charice!!!!


  • (20110824T155539Z )

    Charmaine: I did not know where to write this, but if you read it, I should like here, little one, but big in heart, I feel blessed to know and hear a sound so beautiful, as you accomplish with your voice. Thank you for following your dream and what they have sacrificed on behalf of your family. You are an example for many people in the world ..., wherever you go, it's still light, keep it simple, humble, showing genuine happiness ... do not miss it
    Unosminutos ago in watching a video of youtu, wrote this:
    Hello, nice voice!
    When you made this comment, she still had delighted us with concerts indoors. But we have had the opportunity to listen to those achievements of which you speak, performed in concerts with David Foster on piano. She is spectacular! I insist that long ago we did not have the blessing of hearing a voice so famously verbose (worked by hand), rich and beautiful.Congratulations Charice!!


  • (20110612T193339Z )

    AWWWWWW!!!! Charice and Carl r so cute.

  • JayDeeAust says
    (20110511T042321Z )

    Just wanted to say that when i heard your voice it literally saved my life.I was at the very my end and was almost ready to walk over a cliff,but it was something in your voice that brought me undone.Sitting there in my car it stop me.I can not tell you how much i appreciate the gift that God has given you.Because through your voice it saved my life.Thanks Charice.May all your dreams be big ones. Please come to Australia.

  • Matskie says
    (20110427T171705Z )

    love u charice!

  • mercy says
    (20110422T205820Z )

    Happy easter charice GBU

  • mercy says
    (20110422T205456Z )

    mahal na mahalkita charice

  • mercy says
    (20110422T204600Z )

    mahal na mahalkita charice

  • aze says
    (20110309T172501Z )

    hi charice i watch your video yung nag aaral k ng pag drive . hoping n sana i delete mo, kasi andun yung plate number ng kotse mu dame pa nmn carnappers ngayon baka mamaya abangan and malaman nila kung san ka nakatira kasi pede nila malaman yun hanapin lang sa registtry im just concern .. im so proud of you ... proud pinoy aze

  • Jillie109 says
    (20110224T234026Z )

    you two look very close me and my sis is turning 16! i only get 2 more years with her! lucky!

  • (20110217T024858Z )

    CHARICE is the name :)

  • chester says
    (20110212T035524Z )

    whahaha.... that boy is so handsome w0w ^^ and so cute ^^

  • hazleyes82 says
    (20110203T080305Z )

    looking good and like the hat and keep the faith charice if u u can get threw anything i am and i cant believe i keep getting threw it all that god for be stronge and singing is like gambleing u my lose ome but u also can win much more so never lose your faith and salamat po for giving me back mine

  • (20110113T113947Z )

    hahaha... you look like me now.. (i wish meng)

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