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Me and my love. <3 we're very serious :)

Me and my love. <3 we're very serious :)
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Posted by Charice
Average: 5 (2 votes)


jhanearrianne's picture

I really love dogs.. just like you.. I love you Cha...

I LOVE ALL YOUR SONGS.. i hope na makita kita personally..

to hug you.. chaster ako

jhanearrianne's picture

I really miss you Cha...

Good luck and always atake care.. God Bless you dear! mwahhh!

fadeone1's picture

Hello Charice, This is an out of pocket comment. From a design background, I really love the font you chose on the website lol. Color pallet and design is really clean and legible. Anyway, I've must have watched your performance video's via YouTube like ALL day lol. Big up to you and yours, stay safe in all you do.

Gamot Parulian hasibuan's picture

i like it

filopinodanielle's picture

The dog is so cute

Chichay's picture

I forgot something, ooops! hopefully, you are swinging by victoria, canada, on may 25 for david foster miracle concert since you will be in carson california on May 26. You are so blessed!

Chichay's picture

okay, charice, remember what oprah said, "no boyfriend yet". boyfriends are a distraction. okay the pic with your pooch. BTW, you're the greatest singer, there is NO ONE like you. YOU CAN SING AND DANCE, AND your BODY LANGUAGE IS PERFECT! no one can beat you there! ABSOLUTELY!

AntonioHolman's picture

Wow,now that's adorable Charice

rochelle f mercado's picture

wow naman ang cute naman ng dog, grabe mapagmahl ka pa sa mga pets..

MercadoRochelle's picture

CHARICE, HI, I am Rochelle Mercado, one of your chaster.Sana makita rin kita someday at maka duet din.At sana rin mag tuloy tuloy lang yung career mo at pag igihan mo pa sanang mabuti,sana patuloy lang din yung mga biyaya sayo ni GOD.Sana hindi ka mag bago at maging hamble ka parin palagi.I always pray for your good health,long life and happy forever.''I LOVE YOU ate CHARICE..

rocky_2's picture

hi charice,how are you?? i miss u so much

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MiMAY's picture

:) hope we wiLL see each other soon :D

felice felis's picture

so cute chari,,and her doggy

adefierman's picture

hai charice you're so beautiful . love you so much !

Stree's picture

hello charice,,sana may song kayo ni nick jonas...i think it is cute..

Stree's picture

hi charice your dog is so cute! i have 6 little kittens here born yesterday and need for adoption..i will give it all for you if you you charice..

mekeni's picture

hi charice can't wait to download all your new songs specially your album, more success and God bless you always

ChariceFANATICS's picture

ang cute naman !

mhelaniah's picture

hi... happy to be a part of charice-website
thing... amp..

--> hey,, CHA-GLEEK can you please upload more videos in "you tube" I'm so exited to see more of you

--> specially the behind the scene of your show or different concert the you've been attend too...

--> thank you.. and i wanna now you more

grace's picture

my name is is my privet e-mail'()
i will like to know you more. so that i can send you my picture and my detail's for you to know me more so I am waiting for your mail to my email address below. please don't chat me here just send me mail and i will get back to you with love.

ian's picture

i want to see you in person charice.. i really really love not bec.that you are famous.. its bec. dis is what my heart says..iloveu so much.. and always take good care of yourself..

hazleyes82's picture

hey charice cutie dog and chucky is a cutie name for the dog to

Kenny's picture

Charice, somehow I just discovered your music. I saw the duet with Celine and the songs of Whitney Houston. All I can say is wow! I'm a huge fan of both Celine and Whitney.

Please, don't let your fame distract you. Be as mature as Celine. To show you that I'm a true fan of Celine, she gave me an autograph a few years ago and you can check it out:

Stay as far away as possible from troubled Hollywoods stars. You are very cute, follow Celine's example :)

Ferdie Reyes's picture

Cute :)

MNchaster's picture

Who takes care of your dogs when you are away?

Konagreg's picture

I just became a Charice fan,i didn't know about Charice until a week ago as i was surfing YouTube.I haven't stop watching her videos and the "Note to god video" really got to me and i'm sure it touched everyone as well.Truly an amazing singer and performer.Happy holidays to Charice and Mom, David Foster and the Charice crew. CHarice ..luv ya girl!!

avidfanjane's picture

hi charice! i'm jane.. i'm one of your million fans all over the world.. i'm from the philippines. i just want to ask you a very small favor.. hope you'll respond on my request - i just want to have a pair of rubbershoes of yours. even though its old, i will accept it.. i don't have a rubbershoes or money to buy one, that's why i'm asking you a favor, maybe you can help me.. i really need it on my P.E. class, please.. if you can't, i'll just accept it.. thank you so MUCH! :) hope you will really give me one.. God Bless you always. Filipinos love you.. :))

Planetlyka04's picture

Youre inspiring Charice,wonderful and very humble,im so proud of you...

Vengie's picture

Hi Charice, I am very proud of you as a Filipino. You're great! You're doing a greaaaat job. Hanga talaga ako sa'yo. How do you do that stuff? Your mother must be extremely proud of you. She's doing a very good job on you, as your mother.
You know I was thinking before you show up as a great international singer, that there must someone from the Philippines who can be a big international star and it's you! You did it girl!
I am watching you on YouTube every now and then because of your voice. I love your voice! You amazed me and can't stop listening to your songs again and again. Specially when you sing Whitney and Celine's songs. Everytime I hear you singing I always have goosebumps.
Can you imagine what a success! You're really amazing!
Well, I just wanna say, keep on doing what you're doing and always be strong. But also stay nice and humble.