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Me and my love. <3 we're very serious :)

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  • MiMAY says
    (3 weeks ago)

    :) hope we wiLL see each other soon :D

  • (20111031T172348Z )

    so cute chari,,and her doggy

  • adefierman says
    (20110718T100123Z )

    hai charice you're so beautiful . love you so much !

  • Stree says
    (20110611T015933Z )

    hello charice,,sana may song kayo ni nick jonas...i think it is cute..

  • Stree says
    (20110611T012539Z )

    hi charice your dog is so cute! i have 6 little kittens here born yesterday and need for adoption..i will give it all for you if you you charice..

  • mekeni says
    (20110521T022923Z )

    hi charice can't wait to download all your new songs specially your album, more success and God bless you always

  • (20110516T073256Z )

    ang cute naman !

  • mhelaniah says
    (20110414T120924Z )

    hi... happy to be a part of charice-website
    thing... amp..

    --> hey,, CHA-GLEEK can you please upload more videos in "you tube" I'm so exited to see more of you

    --> specially the behind the scene of your show or different concert the you've been attend too...

    --> thank you.. and i wanna now you more

  • grace says
    (20110309T170901Z )

    my name is is my privet e-mail'(
    i will like to know you more. so that i can send you my picture and my detail's for you to know me more so I am waiting for your mail to my email address below. please don't chat me here just send me mail and i will get back to you with love.

  • ian says
    (20110213T170333Z )

    i want to see you in person charice.. i really really love not bec.that you are famous.. its bec. dis is what my heart says..iloveu so much.. and always take good care of yourself..

  • hazleyes82 says
    (20110203T080915Z )

    hey charice cutie dog and chucky is a cutie name for the dog to

  • Kenny says
    (20110202T075912Z )

    Charice, somehow I just discovered your music. I saw the duet with Celine and the songs of Whitney Houston. All I can say is wow! I'm a huge fan of both Celine and Whitney.

    Please, don't let your fame distract you. Be as mature as Celine. To show you that I'm a true fan of Celine, she gave me an autograph a few years ago and you can check it out:

    Stay as far away as possible from troubled Hollywoods stars. You are very cute, follow Celine's example :)

  • (20110130T063225Z )

    Cute :)

  • MNchaster says
    (20101224T035833Z )

    Who takes care of your dogs when you are away?

  • Konagreg says
    (20101124T070438Z )

    I just became a Charice fan,i didn't know about Charice until a week ago as i was surfing YouTube.I haven't stop watching her videos and the "Note to god video" really got to me and i'm sure it touched everyone as well.Truly an amazing singer and performer.Happy holidays to Charice and Mom, David Foster and the Charice crew. CHarice ..luv ya girl!!

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