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Me and my love. <3 we're very serious :)

Me and my love. <3 we're very serious :)
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Posted by Charice
Average: 5 (2 votes)


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Hello! I just discovered your site and your music (a little bit too late). It's amazing. You are a really great singer!!!

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You're just simply AMAZING!!! Stay sweet always and God bless.

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"I feel the earth move" (qoute from Carole King) whenever you sing any song...earthquakeshaking performance everytime you sing Pyramid...and one of my "personal favorites" (quote from DF) (aside from the Bodyguard Medley)-In This Song...lastly, Reset w/c helps me to change my sets of priorities except one (watching your you tube videos) there any chance that a compilations of your DF&F concerts(highlights)appearances or your 1st concert -journey be featured in a single DVD/Blue Ray so I may be able to play, rewind, reset over & over ?

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nice doggie, where did you get that? bytheway, I'm just gonna say-you're a marvelous singer...chastered & gleeked forever by your great performances...each & every one of them

youre simply amazing!!! u make the earth to tremble...
yeeh!!!! go go go CHARICE go PhiLiPpiNEs!!!

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?????... ????!

hai charice.,
kamu hebat banget sudah bisa terkenal dalam usia muda.,
aku senang dengar saat kamu menyanyikan lagu "pyramid" dan " i did it for you".,
kapan datang ke indonesia.,
ku mau banget nonton perform mu secara langsung.,
tapi pasti tidak kepikir buat tampil di Indonesia kan? hhehe
tapi bisa ga ku bicara langsung dengan mu charice., klo bisa sih., hhe
oya, ku doain biar kamu tambah sukses.,
dan jangan lupa jaga kesehatan ya, jangan lupa minum vitamin juga biar tetap bisa fit klo tampil.,

don't give up charice.,
together at the top.,
forever you will stay.,
like a pyramid., :) :)

Hi there Charice. Charlete here, i just joined your site just nOw, bUt i already loved your voice and your personality first time you joined that singing competition.! God knows me and my family wants yOu to win that contest.! And i was like, its alright, eventhough you didn't make it and that bOy (Sam Concepcion) won that contest i know that you'll be famous and will be well known in God's time. Guess i'm right. God really knows who has the talent and He knows that you'll gonna take care of the talent He gave yOu. Enjoy life.

Love your family, esp. your Mom, whose always been there for you from the start :) . Stay cooL, humble, down to earth and a loving daughter and sister. I know that you do thank God for all the blessings that you have now, and i still want to say thank God more each day for more blessings to come;). God Bless Us all.

Hope you can do concert here in New Zealand sometime soon. Love to see you in person and hear your wonderful, soulfoul, and angelic voice you have. Regards to your mOm and brO. See yah.!

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halo, charice.. mustamos? your my inspiration. you made Filipino proud of you. God bless you a great talent..

Hi Charice,
I am Paige Simpson. I am half filipino and i love to sing like you. you are my idol and i want to be like you someday. I have videos on youtube one singing your own song pyramid. you should look up Charice Pempengco Pyramid - Paige Simpson. And i am sorry if you can't hear my voice properly it is because of my laptop camera. but i will repost it soon and it should be better.

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Hi Charice,
I am Cayla Ordonez And i am 11 years old And A Pilipina who wants to be like you the over achievements you've got...all the people here in the Philipines Wants 2 be like you... But you know i wish that i can sing with you someday or see you in personal... or even chat....
we may not be like your mother but all of us filipinos Are proud of you..
Thank you for being my inpiration in singin we love and thank you for raising our country
ur no.1 fan

Cayla Ordonez....

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You really inspired me everyday!!!

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you're so cute ^.^

your love is beautiful!!! :)

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weeee!! u both look so adorable!!