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@taylorswift13 thank you for the picture!! ;) happy that you still remember me. <3

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  • (1 week ago)

    hi Charice :)
    I love you and I keep support your music's

  • (20110730T165143Z )

    Hello Charice. I love your voice soooo much. Your music is my charger in low-bat times of my life.

  • K Thari says
    (20110615T042457Z )

    Lov3 ya! CHARICE!!!!!!!!

  • Stree says
    (20110611T011816Z )

    OMG! both of are amazing...charice i am your big fan here in davao..take care always..

  • Sasokusk says
    (20110531T090150Z )

    YouTubeでChariceを初めて見て、その歌声に感動しました。今では毎日iPod で曲を聞かずにはいられないファンです。あまり無理をせずに歌手活動をなさってください、応援しています。

  • ziram says
    (20110510T043525Z )

    wow!!! my two idols..luv 8

  • jane says
    (20110426T133312Z )

    charice i am a pinay too !! i've been watching ur videos all day long u are CHAMAZING :)) we are so proud of u.. i remember myself watching u @ sarah G's show. And i was praying that u would win that contest. unfortunately u didnt but that was the key to ur success now.. u are really blessed!! i am praying for you cha.. i

  • Hanie says
    (20110317T060455Z )

    ChariceNo1 u r the most talented artist ever born in the world..^^

  • sofiana says
    (20110303T131854Z )'re pretty awesome, amazing voice and very u...

  • leonken123 says
    (20110301T014100Z )

    taylor ? :D grabe ang cute ni charice ang liit haha :D

  • Mica says
    (20110213T161336Z )

    I DEFINITELY LOVE Charmaine Clarice Pempengco.....!!!! :))

  • REDSOX ROB says
    (20110207T215514Z )

    I never heard of Charice until Alvin and The Chipmunks was released on DVD. I was so moved by her short performance in the movie that I looked up other performances with her. I can only say is...WOW! Truly a Diva! Such a powerful voice from a small person. I know that other singers are looking at her and they are scared! She needs to sing the US National Anthem for next years Superbowl! Wake up NFL. A new star is born!!

  • (20110206T000506Z )

    oh i luv taylor swift and i luv charice!!! LUVVVV the outfits.God Bless. :)

  • hazleyes82 says
    (20110203T081416Z )

    hey charice u to are looking good love the outfit stay humbleand salamat po por all u both are doing keep it up

  • Juliana says
    (20110129T032743Z )

    Charice, sou uma grande fã sua, sou do Brasil e por aqui você já faz um enorme sucesso! Vem logo pra cá fazer show menina! Esperamos ansiosos! Beijos

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