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  • shakahashi says
    (20111006T192419Z )

    the f1 concert was great on youtube. the baggy jeans was not so hot. in japan, i preferably like no hat stay wholesome charice, we just want to see you happy,you've already given enough. Love from hawaii. mwah

  • willoy says
    (20110908T193416Z )

    saudi arabia no celebrities no concert but we have a weekly party and i'd always play your music.i love your amazing voice grabe!!! ingat lagi..

  • (20110405T100014Z )

    hi ate cha ! !! how are u po ?!

  • leonken123 says
    (20110301T014020Z )

    friends niya :S

  • chester says
    (20110212T035658Z )

    OMG!!!! :D

  • hazleyes82 says
    (20110203T081728Z )

    hey charice when are u comeing to texas again

  • (20110115T003458Z )

    Charice ano yahoo mail mo addict na addict ako sayo !!!!!........Pag nagpunta ka sa Pinas be sure to visit me plz

  • (20110103T072844Z )

    hi charice sa ba kita makaka chat ng live :))
    idol na idol kasi kita eh
    napakagaling mong kumanta :)
    sana makachat kita maski sa cam man lang :)
    ingat ka lagi charice..
    pagpatuloy mo lang yang pagkanta mo...
    ..mahal na mahal ka naming mga pinoy charice ...

  • oreo28 says
    (20101023T224408Z )

    I run out of Charice's CD, i bought like 7 copies and gave them as gifts so I went to HMV and guess what they are sold out.

  • oreo28 says
    (20101023T223939Z )

    got one of those glamorous shirt!!

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