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Update on CCubes


What, Where, Who, Why? A cubicle in a mall, a Chaster’s living room, an annex to a corner store, an audio room in a library--operated by a local team of Chasters who share the best practices in fostering emerging literacy and bilingualism through music in children ages 3-13. The purpose is to broaden the reach of Charice’ music and narrative of hope.

If you are interested, please consider attending one of these organizational meetings. If you are nowhere near these places, consider initiating one near you.
June 22 or 23 for Chasters in Laguna and Batangas, Philippines. Proposed venue is Summit Point Country Club, Lipa City
July 4 for Chasters is San Diego, CA. Proposed venue: Good Shepherd, Mira Mesa
August 1 for Chasters in Tokyo, Japan. Proposed venue: New Sanno Hotel
August 14 for Chasters in Okinawa, Japan, Proposed venue: Bldg 852, KAB


I can sing..

Hi!..My name is Jhaere Mitchell..And I can really sing..If you don't believe me..Go to look at our EPK..And listen to some of our songs!..Hope u enjoy!..And when you get to the on the song just like me..and that's me singing!!!..


I wish I could be as good as Charice!

Hello, everyone! So this is my first blog and I want to start off with me saying that I really wish I could sing as good as Charice.
I've been singing since I was....... young. Maybe around 4 or 5 years old? Anyway, so Charice sings amazingly, we all know that. But honestly, no one can get her voice through years and years of practice. I've had experience. I mean I can sing decently, but there's some pitches, some volume and some lengths that I cannot do. Some day, I'll post a cover hear and you get to hear me sing. I'm thinking of doing a cover to Justin Bieber's Baby! Just because Charice sung it, yes. Anyway, that song is starting to grow on me. ^_^
So anyway, I'm gonna finish this, I hope you look forward to my first cover. So bye!

Charice in sephia

Charice with pen, in fan meet and greet.