It's me! I'm a fan. (No really? You wouldn't say?! hahah)

Yup it’s me! Goofy ha? I guard this ear flap wooly hat with my life from the boyfriend.
He hates it…thinks it’s grandma-ish. But I love it! keeps the ears from the harsh elements like cold and wind…
Plus, I like how the color is bright! Anyhoo, I’m happy for my idol’s blooming success…

official Pyramid sign

When you flash another the "Pyramid" sign, you are basically telling them, "At the top, baby!" (Go reach the top!)

When you flash someone the "Pyramid" sign. You are telling them, "At the top, baby!" (Reach the top!)


Hi !

New to this website. I love Charice ! :D

Charice needs to be played on radio Australia

hehe.. i heard charice's song pyramid on one of the radio stations in sydney australia. But it wasnt the popular radio stations.
I want to hear her here on mainstream radio...big fan..>! been trying to request her song on some of the radio stations here!


its me




Walmart Soundcheck LINK!!

Here it is...the Soundcheck Concert...nothing better than performing for my fans -

Im stalking ELLEN!!

on Ellen Mon, May 17th, tune in and watch! , yep and on AMERICAN IDOL on Tues May 18th!! Im stalking ELLEN