Tea cents to close more than volume

Tea cents to close more than volume, color green, fresh oily, fragrance and elegant, diethylene glycol and willing to become famous abroad. reason Mengding tea valuable addition to the unique natural conditions, harvesting and processing is fine, Mongolia Ganlu generally "Qingming" 5 days before and after harvesting, required the early adoption of an exhibition of the tender bud sharp, tea, the need to go through fixing,Color Wedding Dresses first rub, stir 2 blue, 2 rub, stir three blue, three-knead, fry shape, drying refining processes. (Chinese) Gu Zhu Zisun Guzhu Zisun second world tea >> brand spirit Gu Zhu, show that the origin of tea is the mountains, Zhejiang Gu. Purple Bamboo, its color is close to the "Purple" and the shape of "bamboo" got its name, is a long history of Division tribute tea products, many scholars have stonewalls, praised the purple bamboo tea.

Mongolia Ganlu Mending Ganlu Cup Hong clouds

Mongolia Ganlu Mending Ganlu Cup Hong clouds >> brand spirit Mengding tea history of tea in China occupies an important status. "Yangtze river water, Mengshan top of the tea," yet he is still known as the Shuangjue. Large and small teahouses and write couplets, are provided to attract patrons to observe. Mengshan, near Sichuan Yaan, Tang Yang Li Wang has written a "Mengshan dolomite tea" poetry, Summer Wedding Dresses which wrote: "If Lu Yu who taught public opinion, should be the world No. 1 tea." Mongolia is the first to the top of tea court tribute tribute tea. From the Tang to the Qing Dynasty, Mongolia top tea warcraft gold, Zou Ma to Beijing. According to "mountain County," records "kept the top tea is sweet and clear, yellow and bi, discretionary powers cup Hong cloud complex, long-rally to the cause coagulation." Meng top quality tea, not bad, Hong Xin GAO Shuang, the sweet taste.