True and false data line

True and false questions about the data lines have provided many valuable information. But when the weekend to buy line really feeling really one foot, law is strong, ah! Now leave the data line and real increasingly difficult to distinguish between data line! I now do under the following two lines for true and false data to compare, I hope you can help:
1, are plugged, there current coil Eritrea Eritrea flow are not too strong magnetic coil. And Eritrea are in the plug flow coil DB9 com port side.
2, true cradle of DAT: D / L switch is embossed on to the switch box, leave the sound labels affixed to their work. On this point, before there really was that label affixed to, then I do not know.
3, real data line swap parts, pull the plug the other end of a block of black rubber plug, not fake. True data line pull the plug surface is flat, leave the surface is sharp.
4, real data line line body has a matte finish, unlike the plastic line skin, giving a feeling of luxury.

How to identify genuine mobile phone

By definition be genuine mobile phone production and sales through legal means, and can rely on "mobile phone repair replacement return the liability of goods" enjoy mobile phone "three guarantees" service for mobile phones. With the corresponding authentic mobile phone is often said that parallel phone, they can not enjoy the state's "three guarantees" provided. By following several methods, or in combination, can identify whether they were buying a quality assurance and to enjoy the "three guarantees" of genuine mobile phone.
(A), electronic serial number check
Enter * # 06 # Show IMEI number, and cell phone battery on the stickers and labels carry the IMEI number to check on the 3rd line may be the mainstream.
(2), China Mobile Communication Industry Network

The Various Cell Phone Password

1. Cell phone password
Phone password is used to prevent mobile phone theft, the "Security settings" - "power-on password" - "Mobile Code" to open this feature, the phone is switched on when required to enter the phone password before they can use, that the password is the phone itself lock. General phone default password is 1234 or
2.pin1 code
pin1 code is provided by the supplier for the Sim card confidential personal identification number (PersonalIdentificationNumber), the "confidential
Settings "-" power-on password "-" pin "turn on this feature, the phone is switched on input pin1 code required before use, that is, the password is locked Sim card. The default value is 1234. If the phone password and pin1 code at the same time use, the first input pin1 code, then enter the phone password. pin1 after input error code 3 will be locked, needed puk1 to unlock.
3.puk1 code

Mosquito Filipino documentary launch on Fri. November 19th, 2010 at The Reef in Long Beach, CA

Hello everybody!!
I just wanted to announce my husband's documentary Mosquito Filipino premiere launch at The Reef in Long Beach, CA on 11/19/10.
Please watch our trailer on You Tube and join our Mosquito Filipino Fan Club on Facebook.

Take care and hope to see you at our launch!!

Rose Mendoza
Associate Producer


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