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Posted by Tina
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While in Toronto, Charice took some time to answer questions sent in from followers of - follow @WarnerCanada on Twitter for more opportunities like this. Charice's self-titled debut album is now available everywhere!

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  • sina says
    (2 weeks ago)

    Why did you gain weight the last year so fast?? Is it american food?

  • Bujin says
    (20101025T101447Z )

    When you watch horror movies what does your face look like?

  • sjgateland says
    (20100926T224251Z )

    Charice have come a long way from her challenging hard life to this presently exciting and thrilling entertainer life today. The most impressive part of her life is that she's still a very humble person up to this day in her successfull and happy life. This is a Godly feature in her. In fact, it's one of her many talent as I see this young lady penetrates the world, if she hasn't already. Thanks for this oppotunity.

  • (20100922T124258Z )

    I should of gone there at Eaton Centre. But I never did. But I will go to your next concert! I CAN'T WAIT! :D

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