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Charice - I Will Survive (3rd and last song) Pre- Fight Night

Posted by Charice WebCrew
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hmm yeah. the title says it all. just.. maybe.. DANCE WITH ME. hehe.. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

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  • (20110130T154527Z )

    Parrtehhh! You rock!

  • (20110130T154420Z )

    This rendition of I Will Survive is really cool! Hope you plan to perform in Chicago, Charice. It's gonna be a heck of a parteh for sure!

  • (20101211T164111Z )

    sobrang ganda ng boses...naka2wala ng problema.

  • (20101020T161931Z )

    may the glory of god lead you and bless you more!

  • AAe says
    (20100928T005808Z )

    wowww !!

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