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Charice - I Will Survive

Posted by Tina
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Charice sings at an intimate party. Part 3 of 6 Special thanks to Kuya Mike for providing this video.

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  • (20110502T005032Z )

    Charice, I Love you & your voice!! You are absolutely amazing!!:) You always amaze me every time I hear you sing & watch you perform!:) You have such a beautiful, powerful voice!! Keep singing!!:)
    I Love your album too, its simply amazing!! I listen to it alot!:)

  • (20110319T173734Z )

    This version is very great. Every day I lisen this music.

  • (20110130T160702Z )

    I'm certainly goin to buy your debut album later today. She's gifted and it does show her love for singing. What a talent! A teenager hitting hight notes like that. That's so cool!

  • haleboyz says
    (20100921T211346Z )

    I haven't seen someone with that much talent that hasn't been spoiled by the business. She really loves to sing and it shows. I hope it never changes.

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