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Charice - Note To God

Posted by Tina
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Charice sings at an intimate party. Part 5 of 6 Special thanks to Kuya Mike for providing this video.

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  • (2 weeks ago)

    未何不台灣呢?台灣love you

  • (20110530T045514Z )

    If i am so bored and lonely at home....the voice of charice makes me more up-beat and refreshed....felt good listening your voice, young lady.....

  • (20110408T062218Z )

    charise you have given me so much and I know that all you do you do it for the love and the passion and you do for US!!! thank you, I appreciate you. YOu have given me so much more inspiration...and you made me realize that I haven't been living life passionate enough so I will go on living life with much grace, appreciation, love and PASSIOn. ur the best. i love you!

  • Hanie says
    (20110317T052602Z )

    Amazing as usual..^^ ChariceNo1

  • kath081914 says
    (20110219T102902Z )

    goose bumps...wohoooo

  • (20110130T181545Z )

    Absolutely agree with you on that Kgreg. Once you start listening to her, you can't seem to stop. I understand singing and when i hear her hit the high notes-i get goose bumps. I listened to this song several times already. It's FlawLeSs and SuPer! I'm a fan and i'm sure Ariel Pineda and The Pacman would agree on this one.

  • (20110130T173112Z )

    OMG, Charice! Performance and power-Super!

  • Konagreg says
    (20101122T191023Z )

    Charice,you are an amazing singer and performer and ever since i watched ur videoS, i can't seem to stop.You have been blessed with such talent and i hope ur fame doesn't change you. LOVE YOU FROM HAWAII ! hawaii in your tour schedule? =)

  • minty710 says
    (20101013T160206Z )

    Charice! I love you! This is my favourite song

  • junah s. says
    (20101006T071631Z )

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!greatest performer........!!!!!!!

  • francisx says
    (20101002T161634Z )

    your really a great singer!!!!!
    Keep up the good works. Stay kind and humble. We love you Charice.

  • AAe says
    (20100928T005902Z )

    55+ /// omg !

  • (20100926T131218Z )

    You have an amazing voice when you sing this Charice! You have alot of energy to sing this song for God! ;) keep it up! :D

  • haleboyz says
    (20100921T210230Z )

    My favorite song!!! You go girl!!

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