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Charice protested on her Birthday Party [Eng Sub]

Posted by Zee
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Charice's 18th Birthday (Debut Party) "Ding Dong" - a popular brand of junk food (mixed nuts) in the Philippines. Peras (pear), & Kamias (camias ginger lily) - a fruit. "Judas & Barabas" - a character in the Bible that betrayed Jesus Christ. "Toblerone" - you all know it. LOL she's too good XD

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  • matetski says
    (3 weeks ago)

    This is funny as hell! Walang PAHANDA! LOL!

  • Belx2 says
    (3 weeks ago)

    LOL :)

  • AAe says
    (3 weeks ago)


  • AAe says
    (3 weeks ago)


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