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Charice - The Bodyguard Medley (1st song) Pre- Fight Night

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hope you like it.. :D they did a standing ovation!! yiipeee!! :) PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!

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  • hito says
    (3 weeks ago)

    I was impressed to hear your voice.
    It is expected to go in your concert in Fukuoka.

  • 831salas says
    (20110402T161701Z )

    charice is just has talent of epic proportions shes just phenomenal

  • (20110130T171354Z )

    What Ralph? good job only?! David Foster and Charice are extraordinary! David, is a kick ass composer-song writer. This particular song for example is a very straenuous one(i sing too, but try beat this, No way!) and i know only two people in the world who can sing this--the way it should be( the way i love it). A guaranteed standing ovation--enthusiastic applause ensues everytime and anywhere they perform this song. ChaRice, OMG! What a talent!

  • ralph says
    (20101121T133138Z )

    nice charice...good job

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